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LPG Conversion and vehicle optimisation ( Land Rover 109)

Another Cheap fill-up. !!

This Ex MOD, Land Rover 109, Like most MOD Vehicles has done very little work in the past 20 years, its engine is very low mileage and its Body-Chassis is not messed about, "unlike most privately owned, older Land Rovers"

This makes them ideal for Lpg conversion.
there is no loss in power at all that we can notice, Infact the engine runs far smoother for it. and is now running at a fraction of the Cost of a similar Diesel. without the pollution.
LPG fuel up a LR109
LPG-mixer The LPG Mixer fits discreetly under the bonnet, it is water fed from the normal coolant system to ensure sound operation in all temperatures. with no risk of freezing.

This fuel on demand system, work very well with all carburettord engines
In on an aged Land rover, the fuel switch over does not look out of place mounted on the dashboard,
There is no worry about remembering to start on Petrol as this system does it for you automatically and Of course you still have the option to run on Petrol of Gas as you wish.

Three position change over switch

LPG switch in the dashboard
Tank under the hood The Lpg tank can take up a surprisingly small area.Floor mounted near the front bulk-head, this LPG tank could easily be made in to another seat or shelf space and the all alloy cover of the tanks pipes and gauges make this a very neat and safe installation. For more LPG advice"Click Here"

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Its Like shooting Ducks at the Fun-fair !!

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