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Here you can see the (my) 5.2 on the 4WD rollers. It has also undergone some further upgrades including the twin outlet stainless steel exhaust system. I have done over 22,000 miles in this car in one year and I don't want to part with it yet :-))
or even in the near future.

My Range Rover 5.2

Page 1 of [2] 4.0 to 4.6 Conversion (high Torque/efficiency)

And how it was before!

4.8, 4.9, and now 5.2 Conversions
This 4.0 Range Rover was always going to be underpowered. When it comes to acceleration and engine torque, its lack of power is most noticable when upshifting gears and with part throttle acceleration.
(But not for much longer)
HSE Range rover

Range Rover Still as a 4.0, re-chipping made a substantial difference to the power, and economy was also increased. This would be expected when chipping any 4.0 or 4.6.
After the two chips were fitted, the car's performance became somewhat more 'Keen', indeed a main agent thought the 4.0 was a 4.6. These gains can be expected from any 'New Shape' Range Rover or D90 Re-chip.

V8 4.9  
After testing our 4.0 Twin Chip conversion it was time to pull the 4.0 and fit the New RPi 4.9 Engine. The picture on the right (2) shows how easy it is to remove this engine once all the plumbing is out of the way. Once removed, the ancillaries will be fitted onto the 4.9 ready for refitting.

omega pistons omega pistons exhaust
Omega pistons used in the 4.8 & 4.9 are essential for highest performance and optimum reliability in demanding situations. Poor exhaust matching does not help, indeed it's a real power killer. Exhausts now ported and ready to fit onto the 4.9's 'Ultimate Big Valve' Heads.
Although this 4.8 conversion is now completed, we will not be able to provide power figures until the engine has fully bedded in. We will be using the Rolling Road services of Power Engineering in Uxbridge, and will have details soon.

However, it is easy to recognize already the new characteristics of this engine, the torque is seemingly endless, the economy is better than the 4.0 and nothing can pass it (I'm still running it in).

This 4.9 conversion not only rivals the highly publicized Supercharge Systems available (£16k if you want one that works) but wipes the floor with them, not just for power. This 4.9 is considerably stronger than the stock engine whilst Supercharging, on the other hand, is not only more liable to go wrong, but has nasty destructive tendencies compared to a std. 4.0 and 4.6 Rover Engine (I know of many blown ones already).

And now the RPi V-Max 5.2 (fully tested) is available, you'd better look out, believe me it's Awesome (if not convinced, come and take a test drive).

The 5.2 RPi V8, ------- (YES 5.2) --------- has now been fitted. Check our engine pages for details of this remarkable engine, --------------- massive torque ----------smoothest power, -------------- top-speed in excess of 140 mph and runs perfectly with LPG Dual-Fuel with the economy of a small family saloon.

Details of the twin ECU chipping for the 4.9.
This is what they can't do, and it's what makes our Gems Engine upgrades unique.
The Engine management system of these vehicles not only controls, but learns too. So adding extra injectors for Supercharging just doesn't cut the ice, to realise the potential of the superb 4.6 and 4.9 engines you need to open up the potential of the ECU.
ecu chipping
Come test our newest demonstrators (now upgraded to 5.2 and LPG ) 0-60 is coming up in 7 sec. and 90mph in 15 (S/s 1/4), and part throttle driving shows economy superior to standard factory 4.6. And on LPG too (our cost 22ppl).

And if 4.9 or 5.2 conversions are not for you ...
... the ECU tune-up alone can transform the eagerness of power especially in everyday driving styles, and most especially when considering the lack of acceleration in standard models (increased economy is also a certainty, and you are invited to try one free of charge, or we can mail it, with a full refund guarantee). This is how sure we are of the improvements and real-time fuel savings.

More LPG Dual-fuel conversions. Don't forget to use the 'Back Button'
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It's like shooting ducks at the Fun-fair!
Customer Comments

Dear Chris

New Range Rover 4.0 (Gems) re-chipped

Following my visit to you yesterday, I am happy to report the following: Consumption on the trip to you from home was 19mpg. My fuel consumption on the trip home was 22.3mpg. - You said it would improve (these figures are according to the on board computer).

The vehicle is also far more willing and pulls harder with less throttle. I must congratulate you on your level of service offered to us.

The coffee and lollipop for the family was a nice touch. I am extremely suspicious about all in the motor trade and it was refreshing to find someone who tells it as it is. I look forward to a gas conversion to my vehicle and maybe a couple of other tweaks at the same time. Thank you again for your hospitality.

Best regards Rory Bostock
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Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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