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LPG conversion and vehicle optimization (new shape Range Rover)

Using a laptop computer and the latest software, we have achieved under true test conditions the optimum fuel and ignition maps to give the most accurate results.
New shape 4.0 gains economy and power when re-chipped.
Now it's ready to run superbly on gas (LPG) and also far better on petrol with an extra 4mpg to be expected also once re-chipped almost any further upgrade will be possible.
Range Rover hse
A Gems (new shape Range Rover) LPG Conversion, but first the Dual V-Max chip upgrade & computer setup. From here on it can only get better.
LPG under the bonnet Why Re-Chip at all?
1. Ultimate power during load conditions.
2. Best economy under cruise conditions.
3. Opening up the ECU for any further future upgrades.
4. Fuel maps for large capacity, higher torque and dual fuel.

The LPG-mixer is situated under the bonnet and is only one part of the Tartarini system, optimizing economy and performance. Like all other components of this system it does not look out of place under the bonnet of any vehicle.
You may be forgiven for not noticing this very discreet changeover switch. Mounted in one of the spare blanked off dash locations on the Range Rover, the LEDs under the switch indicate the fuel level, and the main switch allows you to change between LPG and Petrol as quickly as dipping your head lights.

With the ability to switch from LPG to Petrol in no time at all, you never, ever lose power, as, with 98% of the time, cruise driving on LPG has no difference to running on petrol, & your petrol is back at the press of a switch when you really, really need that little extra. (in my case only 2% of the time)

discreet switch
Inside the LPG-tank cover
The Tartarini LPG tanks are the best we have seen, most others are delivered in kit form and all the parts you see here need fitting in. This is not a big problem, but it does mean that there is a good chance of the tanks being damp inside due to transport and storeage time.
Dampness turns into rust when filled with LPG and this will mean many many filter changes to clear it.
As well as coming complete, the Tartarini tanks are pre-pressurized and tested, ensuring the highest level of safety.
lpg - tank
4.0 range Rover Under the bonnet you can hardly see the difference,

Once fitted the Tartarini Dual fuel system sits neatly under the engine bay leaving no changes to original components and no extra hassle with servicing or routine jobs. In fact it's difficult to see anything has changed at all.

For more information about LPG Dual fuel conversions. 'Click Here'

This vehicle has now covered many thousands of miles running LPG dual fuel, and its conversion costs are already more than paid for. What's more, its power and acceleration, especially under load, is better than anything from the factory. These conversions work equally as well, if not better, on the 4.6 HSE models also.
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