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Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to Our V8 FAQ pages

We are delighted to be able to share our years of experience with you. We hope that these pages will provide the answer you seek to your problem or question. If you cannot find the answer you require, please feel free to e-mail Chris, the proprietor of RPi, general slave to this web site, and all round knowledgeable V8 guy.

We have so much to say in answer to your most common questions that we have had to split these pages into sections for ease of use.

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What? Why?

V8 Engine Section

Issues & V8 General Engine Problems.
There's 20 years of experience in this section.

Fitting? V8 Engines & Transmission Fitting Information.
Especially for our mail order customers.

Bigger? Rover V8 Engine Conversion upgrades from 3.5, 3.9, 4.0 or 4.2 the amazing torque and low cost of 4.6Litre. Better?

LPG (Dual Fuel) Section
Cleaner? LPG Conversion details, Tanks, Systems and dual ignition timing. Efficient?

Injection, Ignition and Webber 500 etc.
Chipping? Fuel Injection Section. 1986–2001 variants.
Chipping and more.
& More?

Free Flow? K&N (free flow) filters to fuel injection.
Why should this cause fueling issues?
Fuel issues?

Questions? Weber 500 Carb. (4 barrel)
Fitting issues and updates.

Questions? Mallory Ignition Systems.
Upgrades and general fault finding.

Questions? A&R Ignition Amps
& LPG Dual Timing A&R amps.

Questions? Exhaust fitting issues with
NAS (North American Spec.) vehicles.

Relative information
Where? Fitting costs. How to find us. Brochure, Local Suppliers & Payment Details. How?

Conversions? Currency conversion, Translation, Travel details and Local interest. Worldwide?

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For your further interest, some V8 (but relevant) unrelated links

Some useful external links.


Tracking our UPS & Bax Global Parcels


Financial & Currency Conversion



Power (Bhp / Nm) & other conversions


Travelling to Norwich
http://www.airuk.co.uk/ (now KLM)
And if you fly from Amsterdam Schipol, it is possible to arrive with us, half an hour before you left, the ultimate anti-ageing treatment. We can even collect you in one of our V8 Demos

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Hoverspeed operate high-speed sea crossings with their Seacat services from France and Belgium to the UK. Routes are: Calais to Dover, Dieppe to Newhaven and Ostend to Dover. Visit hoverspeed.com to find out more.


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(Glasgow Scotland)
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Local interest & 'More reasons why its good to travel to Norwich', our home and a fine Historic City.

http://www.oldcity.demon.co.uk/Norwich/jun.html (Events in Norwich)
http://www.speel.demon.co.uk/other/norwich.htm (The Norman Castle in Norwich)
http://www.norfolk.gov.uk/ (Links to everything Norfolk & Norwich)
http://www.norfolkbroads.com/homepage.htm (Norfolk Broads)
http://www2.crosswinds.net/~norfolkbatgroup/angliatv.html (For John)

If, like many, you would like to visit us, we can easily arrange your accommodation, from the friendliest Norfolk farmhouse Bed & Breakfasts, to the finest City and Airport Hotels. Please enquire.

Worldwide and Local Maps.


And if you don't think you can find us, this link will take you right to the
postcode, or indeed any postcode.

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