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101 Land Rover all booked in for a 4.6 conversion and transmission upgrade, (almost made it)

The Safe Arrival

One of our (now sold) Demonstrator Range Rovers powered by our highly efficient 4.6 Dual fuel V8. Engine pulls like a train, drives like a Rolls and cost less to run than a Fiesta!
What's more, it has no problem pulling a 3 tonne 101.

LR 101
Land Rover 101 101 Land Rover LR 101
After a 200 mile journey, this gracious 101 got within 5 miles of our workshops and so close to its new 4.6 RPi Engine. But close is not close enough. Ask the Police Patrol at the back of the line.

Time to tow it in. (Police still present - No Problems). The 4.6 LPG RPi RR pulled the 3 Tonne 101 as though it never existed (well almost).

Now you can see what has happened?
The engine's removed, and as you can see this engine is not only seized, it's well blown. The valley cover gasket has seen better days, problems like this are caused by excessive crank case pressure, and in this case it's probably due to broken rings or a holed piston.
... and if only you could smell the clutch ;-)
V8 Engine
Rover V8 Engine Removing this engine was no picnic.
With the 101 Ambulances you have to access the engine from the inside of the cab, and the only way out is through the door (removed of course), and that s only after removing most of the engine's ancilaries from inside.
The 4.6 conversion is now installed complete with all new ancilaries and cruise speeds of 100km are achieved in pretty much the same time as a standard Land Rover V8. However, I am sure this monster weighs in at about 3.5 tonnes and is as aerodynamic as a building brick. V8 engine
Land Rover 101 The is the view from the cab. Road testing this 101 (4.6 Litre).

I am not sure why, but all other cars seem to give you plenty of room, or cringe into the hedges?!?! With the awesome torque of the 4.6, this trip has just gotta be fun. :-))

Other upgrades

In addition to the 4.6 Litre engine conversion, the Transfer Box was fitted with a higher gear set, it is this and the huge torque of our basic 4.6 Engine that has now made this vehicle an absolute delight to drive, and it gives the impression of being seriously unstoppable whilst offering good distance driving characteristics.

The next possible upgrade is to fit an LPG Dual fuel Gas Conversion. This would give the 101 approx 28 miles per gallon economy by price, and with the huge amount of space available it is possible to give this vehicle very long range potential.

Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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