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4.0 to 4.6 Conversion (High Torque/efficiency)
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Range Rover (new Shape) 4.0 to Optimax 4.6 Conversion.
Having Only 2600miles on the clock, the power plant of the 4.0 is somewhat lacking, the conversion to 4.6 is very simple, and involves, a brand new short 4.6 Block, to include RPi high torque cam, and ECU Re-mapping that will ensure superb economy and performance levels at least 10% higher than the stock Rover 4.6 Engine. œPOA

4.6 engine 4.6 engine
The engine (now 4.6) Ready to go back The 4.6 carefully lowered in.
The Gems ECU is located on the inner front wing, carefully packed in its own housing.
Unlike most Engine Management systems this one incorporated the whole vehicle management and is unique to its own vehicle.
Rpi Engineering is proud to boast, that it is one of only a very few companies that can actually reprogram these units.
ecu location
going home! All that is left now, is to close the Bonnet and drive her home, with the new 4.6 and the extra torque it so easily provides, the homeward leg is going to be far more fun than its previous journey.
Two more 4.6's can be seen awaiting fitment,, The silver 4.0 Range Rover in the background is awaiting a 4.8 and LPG conversion and is being started on Tuesday.
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