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Magnecor plug wires, More important than you think.
Before you Start (consider your engine condition)
Igntion Advance by retard system
V8 Distributor Variants - Wiring Details.
How about extra Spark intensity, "Where does it come from"?.
Lpg Frequently asked Questions regarding "Igntion systems",
Customer comments.
Do you have a supplier in my Country
List of LPG Fuelling stations.

Magnecor Plug Wires Quality leads, required for LPG use

With LPG rated up to 112 octane, not only is it important to get the spark in earlier, it is also required to hit it with a bigger spark. to encourage best combustion. Whilst it is possible to add appropriated "Duel igntion timing, and stronger spark output, It is worth remembering that using "High Street level Plug wires will prevent your intended gains from getting through Magnecor plug wires not only last a lifetime, they will insure the Best LPG efficiency for all Petrol engine types.

Magnacor plug leads

Unlike the majority of ignition wire brands that have proliferated the performance market in recent years, Magnecor Race Wires are not just branded cheaply constructed generic spiral conductor ignition wires that most performance parts promoters like to include in their product lines to sell through speed shops and mass-merchandisers in the USA.

We now have a full range of "Magnecor" V8 Rover leads in stock, (models 1969 - 2002, Both the superlative KV85 range, & the less expensive *8mm Street wires". An essential addition to any performance or efficiency seeking engine.

"Click" here to check-out your existing distributor's condition and suitability.

But before you start.

Firstly consider what you have already and its suitability to LPG conversion

Added economy & efficiency advantages are always & certainly attainable Using RPi LPG upgrades, such as Optimax ECU re-programming (Efi models) and RP4 cam upgrade. Plus Mallory and Electronic ignition upgrades. After all economy comes from both cheaper fuel and increased economy, or at least curing the efficiency drainage of what little efficiency your engine may have now, especially if its in "High Mileage" & less than perfect shape. "See where to look to find out more".

The following possible V8. LPG Conversion plus engine upgrades would normally Yield minimum 15 - 30% Minimum efficiency and power/torque over a Std factory new or existing engine and vastly more from a less than perfect used engine, (you can use info on our "General info page above" to assess your engines condition, & available improvements.

Advance and retard Power Amp system exclusive for V8's & LPG use

LPG can indeed be as economical and powerful as fuel but the issue is with the ignition timing and spark intensity due to the slower flame front of LPG,

New New !!!! What is the "Advance by retard system")?.

LPG can indeed be as economical and powerful as fuel but the issue is with the ignition timing and spark intensity due to the slower flame front of LPG, Either upgrade to a Mallory duel point. as above( Carb type only) Or fit our unique new retard by advance system (Electronic ignition types only) We have just released this devise that replaces the original ignition amp on (or separate from) your distributor, (we can supply it with a brand new distributor also) and allows you to set base timing to 18 deg. thus giving a healthy 38 - 40 deg of advance when on lpg this will be the answer to all LPG prayers, and what's better when running on petrol it retards the ignition back to std 8 idle - 28 deg. @4000.
Inner workings {short description of image} 

The A & R unit is completely hand built exclusively for us,& Uses, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) output switch Technology

You could say If the std Rover Spark Amp was compared to this one then I am sure it would have had the Amstraad logo somewhere.

More A&R Igntion. 'uses upgrades and explantaions'. (Click)

Rover V8 Distributor Variants - Wiring Details. (When re-using original distributor)

Update 1.
Update 2
Update 3.

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Remote Amplifier Type 35DM8 Identified by having a small black socket on a bracket attached to distributor body

The two black wires should be cut close to the socket and stripped back for fitting of appropriate connectors.
Bullet types can be used but are best fitted as a male and a female to the distributor and also one of each to the orange and violet amplifier inputs. It will then not be possible to get them wrong in future.
The polarity must be as shown in the drawing beside, otherwise there will be problems achieving the static setting and also a likelihood of increased timing scatter.

. Spark Amp.
This is what it looks like with the remote amp wires removed. Please see updates for wiring color change.

Update 1.
Update 2
Update 3.

You amy need Acrobat reader

Bolt-On Amplifier type 35DLM8 Identified by small amplifier module bolted to distributor body

Spark Amp

This is what it looks like with the remote amp wires removed. Please see updates for wiring color change.
The external Std Amp should be removed to reveal a small blue socket to which connections need to be made by soldering. Flying leads of 32/0.2mm wire about 6in long should be stripped, twisted and tinned. If the tinned ends are now slightly flattened by squeezing with pliers, they should be able to fit snugly inside the socket receptacles before soldering in place. Do not leave the heat on the connections longer than is required to get a good connection as the receptacles will tend to move as the plastic softens. See the diagram for polarity which must be observed as for 35DM8 type. Again, mixed-sex connectors should preferably be used to ensure polarity cannot be got wrong.

How about the extra Spark intensity, "Where does it come from".?

Well, you did ask !!!"State of the art Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) output switch for low self-heating, maximum reliability, and a bigger cleaner spark" ....or words to that effect..... Normally, the power switch (that which actually breaks the coil current and causes the spark) is either a "bipolar" (oldest) or less likely a "mosfet" (newer) type.

Problem with bipolar is that switching off is the worst thing they can be asked to do (inherently) - they are just not good at it (slow) because of the physics and this incurs penalties of inefficiency. The mosfet does not have this switch-off problem but for other technical reasons tends to "waste" more of the battery primary voltage, meaning that there is both extra heating of the device itself and loss of primary coil voltage which again translates into efficiency loss.

Obviously any self-heating of the device has to come from somewhere and naturally it subtracts from the spark energy available. The IGBT used (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is a recent combination of bipolar and mosfet technology. They do a pretty good job of combining the best features of bipolar and mosfet technology while eliminating the bad characteristics of both. In addition they are generally "tweaked" to optimize them for certain applications which appear mainly to be automotive ignition and fluorescent light inverters. How about something like -

What is the cost of this upgrade?.

Dual Timing Advance by retard system as detailed œPOA (can also be used with Above type existing electronic distributors if in very good order)
Or supplied with a basic recon rover O/E distributor (35DM8,) Additional œPOA (while limited stocks last)

"NEW" now Also available as an Igntion upgrade for Non LPG vehicles and upgradeable for only œPOA when/if you switch to LPG use . So because you can gain from this technology now, ! "Why wait". ?

Some Lpg Frequently asked Questions regarding igntion systems, upgrades.

What are the most important factors I should consider.?.
the most important issues. are with the actual condition and specification of your engine to run LPG efficiently. If you first consult our "V8 Engines in general page" you can give yourself a good idea of what your engine condition is likely to be. There is little point in fitting LPG if your engine has worn camshaft or leaking head gaskets.

LPG is a higher octane, what benefit can this have?.
. It is a know fact that LPG is 112 octane and petrol has continued to decrease in quality over the years and is now only 92 - 95 octane at best, This has caused manufactures to not only keep lowering engine compressions but to install ignition systems with less and less ignition advance. (early V8's 20 deg. and later ones only 12 deg.) Although we do not expect that adjusting you compression is a worthwhile upgrade, improving ignition spark quality and adding increased timing advance certainly is

What can be done with ignition system quality and function (Carb Models only)

.the best ignition system by far all Carb engines is The Mallory Dual Point, this will give the slower burning LPG 8 degrees more ignition advance and almost double the spark intensity off standard electron units, (higher octane requires better spark intensity to burn quicker) it will also (and perhaps most importantly) not be suffering from the normal mechanical wear that will be present in the advance system (Vacuum and mechanical) and shaft of a standard older distributor. (Mallory can be found here) Luminition on an Older distributor is a very poor compromise this added attention to your conversion will make the efficiency loss of LPG almost nil, For the Rover V8 with Carbs,

What about igniton Leads.

We have found the issue of "Backfire" on LPG conversions is nearly always caused by poor quality or older Plug leads, and often even new std quality ones will be problematic.

If not convinced you should try replacing going through a Hot car wash, and see how well it drives when it comes out. The huge rise in damp/humidity is sure to show up the worst in any lpg engine, with regards it plug wires.& igntion system.

Not only this but LPG being 112 octane not only wants a unique set of igntion timings, as explained above but it also needs a much bigger spark to get it going. Their leis the issue of not only replacing your Plug wires, but replacing them with a product that allows far superior igntion spark.

See the info on Magnecor leads, (click here )

Customer comments.

Customer comments has now moved to its own section (Click)

Do you have a supplier in my Country?

We actively ship our parts all over the World, over (50 Countries to date) Do not worry if no one is listed in your area as we can handle all shipping details for you. And even if you have trouble speaking English, our worldwide network of customers can normally help with any Translation For European Translations.

Translation's. "Click"
RPi Recommended Worldwide V8. Specialist's "Click"

With so many filling Station's coming on line. This list now has its Own page, Furthermore, if it gets any bigger (As it will ) The pages will soon be split in to Zones. Its not only the UK that is seeing huge rise in LPG outlets, but the rest of Europe and the World.
List of LPG Fuelling stations. update July 2000 "Click Here"
Scotland, Wales and N - Ireland "Click Here"

This FAQ Q/A Section is solely for information exchange only, and Rpi or its contributors accept no lability for any issues arising from following up on our printed advise, or subsequent cost that may arise from the same,
For our part we do our best to check all information provided and printed is correct to the best of our knowledge. And as V8 specialists for 15 years we don't get it wrong often.

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Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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