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Rebuilt 3.5 and 3.9 Engines
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v8 engine Rebuilt 3.5 & 3.9 Classic Rover V8 Engines.
Short rebuilt V8 3.9 & New 4.0.
4.0 Cross-bolted Long engine's. Brand new (all new sump to timing cover)
Brand new 3.9 Long engine (With Hot wire EFi, Serpentine front end, & everything)
Click here,Its official no problem with CA Smog Test On this 4.2 to 4.6 conversion.

Rebuilt 3.5 Engines.

All "'2003'. spec. Rpi 3.5.plus 3.9 .engines are Hand-built individual & bespoke to yourexacting requirement's

Whilst we mostly supply 'brand new' 4.0 & 4.6 V8 engines. We can still offer early 3.5, 3.9 and 4 .2 Rover V8 variants

We mantain the highest std's of rebuid spcification for classic
70's 80's or 90's engine varients please enquire.

No exchange, no problem,

surcharges are not as much as you may think infact not all engines or cylinder heads are subject to exchange or surcharge. We are happy to advize, on your individual requirements


Rebuilt Short 3.5 & 3.9 Engines.

3.5/3.9 rebuilt short engine's.(œPOA),(compression 9.75, to1, or your choice)

3.5/3.9 rebuilt long engine's.(œPOA) std compression, or 9.75, 1. or, your choice)

For stage 1 Add œPOA to include RP4 Cam, and Stage 1 heads this should give a very economical and fast road,

For Stage 3 (More Bhp and still more Torque) ) Add œPOA to include RP285 Cam, Duplex Vernier timing gear and HI performance Stage 3 heads, this would still give good economy and is top of the range fast road spec

All RPi engines include a full return to base 12 month-warranty plus, a "lifetime" Rpi. lifetime care warranty. at no extra cost.

Shown fully dressed & with most ancillaries.

All engine's can be supplied set up with all you see here, or all you need to include all covers, sump, brackets Mallory Ignition Weber 500 Carb system, Starter, Alternator, Pulleys etc.

Stage 1, Stage 3 and ultimate spec also available.

It Is sure to look good under Your Bonnet/Hood

Rpi, 3.9, 40 or 4.6 full, "turnkey Carb spec V8". (Weber 500 Carb system & Mallory ignition)

All you can see with all that is shown, More info, check out our relevant FAQ page "Click Here"

Brand new 3.9 Turnkey engine (With Hot wire EFi, Serpentine front end, & everything) 

4.0 + 4.6 Full (Turnkey) Engine, fuel injected with Serpentine front end & all ancillaries., ( Rovers-Rpi supplied Spec.) (no exchange surcharge )
v8 engine Brand new, eveything, latest efi spec, Then this may be your perfect option,
Specification. New 4.0 & 4.6 ( replacing the 3.9) , fully assembled fully complete turnkey engine, This brand new 3.9 full engine also includes complete electronic ignition, full "Hot wire Fuel Injection system" with new ECU and Air mass meter including all wiring, Serpentine endless pulley belt system, new alternator starter, and all engine pulleys, brackets and mounts. new flywheel and clutch, amazing value from. Complete engine œPOA Ecu, Air flow meter, Misc relays etc œPOA

At this standard, it's already "A Force" to be reckoned with. !!

Turnkey engines ( by defanition) come complete and are brand new!!, normally including Starter, Wiring, Alternator, serpentine endless pulley belt system, fuel injection, clutch, flywheel. Rocker covers, breathers, fillers, timing cover, etc.

Additional Power / efficiency options - available for above Turnkey Engines

Stage 1 As above but with Stage 1 Heads, Optimax Re-chipped ECU, Piper RP4 or torque-max Camshaft, Piper Hi Rev. Lifters and Duplex Vernier Timing Set.

Additional œPOA

Stage 3 As Above with Stage 3 Unleaded Heads, Piper 285 Cam added to the specification. Plus our acclaimed Tornado ECU Chip. Additional œPOA

Stage 4 (ultimate)As Above with Ultimate Big Valve Heads, Piper 285 Cam, Ported intake, Big throttle body plenum, shortened, Big bore polished Trumpets, 4.6 Air mass meter , Plus our acclaimed Tornado "S" ECU Chip. additional œPOA

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Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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