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Camshaft up to15-22 bhp
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High Torque Camshafts & Camshaft Kits

About fourteen years ago, we approached Piper with the request for a large and continuous supply of 'fast road and high torque efficiency cams'. They promptly sent a 270/2 cam for our appraisal. We found that it achieved power increases of up to 22bhp with no loss of torque – indeed, considerable increases in torque/bhp through 2750 - 5250rpm (accounting for the adjustments made to the fuel mixture). We have now sold in excess of 1,000x 270/2 blueprint machining profiles since those early days. As you can see, we have added many new camshaft profiles to our exhaustive list.

piper cams All Camshafts are designed for fast road acceleration with substantial low-end to mid-range power gains, whilst enhancing fuel economy.

Race or specialist Cams, although rarely needed, can be supplied to order.

Camshaft & Cam Kit Prices
Camshaft only Piper, Torque Max, 270, RP4, & 285
As listed above a selected Piper high torque cam from our exclusive range, all cams researched over 15 years, a thousand sold and used, millions of combined miles clocked up. We can definitely recommend Piper cams to add the power and efficiency you seek, and reliability as yet never compromised.

High Torque & Performance Camshaft Kits Torque Max, 270/2, RP4 and 285
New Camshaft 'advised choice' from our 'Piper' range, (worth up to 16 -22 bhp with smooth idle and improved torque). Duplex Timing chain set and genuine lifters plus all gaskets as required.

Sagem (Gems) and Motronic (Thor)
High Torque & Performance Camshaft Kits Torque Max, 270 and 285

New Camshaft 'advised choice' from our 'Piper' range, (worth up to 16 -22 bhp with smooth idle and improved torque). Standard timing chain set and genuine lifters plus all gaskets as required.

Shim Kit, essential for all tappet pre-load settings. œPOA
It is advised that you check and consider replacement of rockers, rocker shafts, and push rods with camshaft replacement if your engine is higher mileage condition.

The Main objective always achieved from all our performance cam range
To dramatically increase pulling acceleration and overtaking torque whilst increasing engine fuel efficiency.

We can supply Piper Cams for almost all makes of vehicle, so 'Please ask'

Piper 270/2 Best all-round camshaft when engine capacity is increased to 3.9 litre, upward shift of approx. 300 rpm of power curve over 270/110 and achieves total bhp increase of up to 20bhp whilst retaining very good low end torque and economy. Best used with std. or Stage 1 heads.

Piper 285 Best all-round for 3.5, 3.9, 4.2 & 4.6 engines, the power curve is shifted upwards by approx. 800rpm, achieving up to 24-25bhp increase. With smaller capacity V8 (3.5) no torque loss at low rpm is noticed, but it still provides a large increase of torque. Best used only with Stage 1 or Stage 3 heads as part of the upgrade.

RP4, Optimax cam This is the most recent addition to our camshaft range and has been designed to best suit the latest V8s, especially the 3.9 with 'hot wire' injection, This camshaft offers up to 18bhp (much more when used in conjunction with other upgrades) in the same power ranges as described with the Piper 270/110. The Piper RP4 is especially suited for Automatic Transmission.

Torque Max cam This camshaft offers an increase in torque at the bottom end of the rev range to the mid range and is suitable for both EFi and Carb engines.

Designed with less valve overlap than 'Boy Racer' Cams, it offers a very smooth idle (also suited to std. & performance engines of all capacities). Best used for EFi engines or Carb engines seeking maximum torque and smoothest idle, and suitable with all engine upgrades.

For more camshaft information visit our general information page How to identify worn ones.

Camshaft info and why to replace.

(Check yours out here)

Ideal camshaft profiles are whatever you want and wherever you want it (within reason of course). We have found 'forget what you read, trust all you see and drive' to be true. After working with the Rover V8 engine for many years & supplying all manner of engine configurations, we have found that camshafts of whatever manufacturer fall into a set number of categories. Most road cars/4WDs want torque and horsepower gains in the normal day-to-day usable power bands (rev range), so forget that extra 2-4 bhp (it can be gained easily elsewhere) and stick to a cam that will install with the minimum of fuss and give you up to 20bhp and place the torque where you want it.

By increasing engine efficiency, these camshaft changes will not only target power at lower- and mid-range, but more importantly, by increasing the efficiency of the engine, will also increase the economy. When selecting your camshaft it is not so important which is best, as none of our published range go into the extremes or radical areas of engine tuning.They will all achieve big gains over the standard

We are aware that there are many camshaft manufactures in the world all claiming to be the best! We can also fit or supply any Camshaft type for you, but having installed Piper Cams and supplied many, many thousands in the past 15 years, we can assure you of their unfailing quality and practical use in The Rover V8 Engine.

Although the power of the engine can be increased by selecting more radical camshafts, you will soon experience the effect of diminishing returns with more radical cams, and, for most fast road and high torque applications, it becomes more relevant to concentrate further efforts on other components or engine ancillaries.



Power Band

Valve Timing


Valve lift


Torque Max High Torque EFi and Carb 800-4500 23-61 / 61-23 264 deg. 0.415" 109 deg.
Rp 4 High Torque & 4WD Efi 1000-4800 18-62 / 62-18 260 deg. 0.432" 112 deg.
270/2 Fast Road Carb. models 1500-6000 28-64 / 64-28 272 deg. 0.445" 108 deg.
285 fast road & race all carb.
2wd or 4wd models
2000-6500 44-72 / 72-44 296 deg. 0.450" 104 deg.
RP4 is for fuel-injected engines that are auto transmission
We have designed our range of fast road camshafts to regain the considerable power compromises within this area on the factory-built standard Rover engine. 'A few more Horse Power for no apparent losses'

Click here to download Piper's Rules of Successful Camshaft Installation - 11Kb

Camshaft changes (Serpentine type)

The later type Serpentine V8 engines have the Camshaft further retained by a fixing plate (secured with two bolts).

The issue is that there are still a few upgrade cams on the market that do not have the added machining to reuse the fixing plate.

All RPi / Piper cams are designed to be suitable for either variant, so they are 100% appropriate for all applications.

Customer Comments


Today I ordered the RP4 cam kit you recommended to me. Again I want to thank you and your team for the information and explanations I was given. There is no doubt that if my engine upgrade and the parts reliability are of the same level as your availability and your good commercial know-how, I will be fully satisfied. Best Regards. Jean Marc France

Hello Chris,

The 3.9 in my Scimitar is running nicely now, loads of grunt, better economy than before. The idle is better with the cam you supplied. Regards, Jeremy Greenwood DIC MSc ARCS Body Electronics UK (EE205) BMW Group Gaydon Test Centre, Warwick. U.K.


Just wanted to say Thanks for a great day a week last Friday (27/8) when I visited you to get a cam, Weber 500 carb and distributor fitted to my SD1. I was delighted to be given a pair of overalls and the chance to help out while Paul did the difficult bits. The car is a completely different animal now thanks to the new cam, carb and manifold – much more as I would have hoped a V8 would sound and go. But of course I now want more – I have a feeling that I'll have to be back next year, perhaps for a 4.6 with stage 3 heads. Next time I'll wear sensible clothes and bring my own overalls – they fit better! Cheers, Mike Evans.

Firstly may I congratulate you on a fantastic web site – I found it invaluable when recently rebuilding my 3.5 V8 after a re-bore etc and the camshaft kit you supplied has worked wonders.

See new Customer Comments section, for many many more

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