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For the best V8 Specialists's & Clubs "Worldwide" as Recommended.

Kit Car. Specialist's, Manufactures and Magazines SD1, MGV8, Triumph TR8, Rover 800 & Other Rover V8 related Marquess.
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Kit Car.
Worldwide Specialist's, Manufactures and Magazines

Ibex web site



Foers Engineering,

Gateway Industrial Estate, The Gateway, Parkgate, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, U.K., S62 6JL Tel: (+44) (0)1709 527720 - Fax: (+44) (0)1709 542707

Official Dax Rush Owners web site

The official website of The Dax Rush Owners Club
DJ Sportscars

Pretty impressive machines

Just one of the Dax range,crying out for an RPi V8 Engine, from 3.5 to 5.2 ltr.) and much much more.

{short description of image}

Daker 4*4 Cars,

The Dakar 4x4 Owners and Drivers Organisation web page for fans of the Dakar 4x4 kit-car and it's Rotrax and Bush Ranger relatives.


Gardner Douglas

The GD427exudes quality, commands attention and captivates the occupants. & is just one of the finest vehicles from
Gardner Douglas Sports Cars, Pinfold Lane, Bottesford, Nottingham, NG13 0AR, UK

GTD Supercars

GTD has been a world market leader and has produced the GTD40 for
the last 20 years, with over 400 satisfied customers.

HMC Sportscars Home page

The HMC Sports Car is an evocative replica of the classic Healy Sports Car but with all the advantages of modern engineering and refinement. "It's a replica that honors the original rather than debases its legacy" - Autocar Feb '99.

Marlin Cars Home page.
20 YEARS OF INNOVATION The Marlin story really began with the Roadster, a traditionally-styled open two seater built as a "one-off" back in the late '70s by Paul Moorhouse, a talented engineer working for Rolls Royce.

NF Auto Developments,
The new Foreman CanAm represents all that is best in bespoke Kitcars. The engineering and design are both excellent and the performance of the car is outstanding.There is nothing like it on the road and the people at NF Auto Development are knowledgeable, trustworthy and friendly. Peter Coxhead. Editor. Kit Car Magazine

{short description of image}
NG Cars Home page

"Despite reaching speeds of over 130 MPH on the straight and coming out of one corner at over 120 MPH with the G-force pulling the flesh on my face, the car remained sure footed and under control. I was most impressed with the performance and handling of the NG TC V8 - so much so that I may have to re-think my plans for competing in kit car circuit racing next season." Kit Car Magazine

Ultima Cars

WHAT THE PRESS SAY I read an article in one of the top magazines recently which praised the £175,000 Lamborghini Diablo as outstanding value for money against similar performance from the £600,000 Mclaren F1 and the £415,000 Jaguar XJ 220. If that's so, the Ultima Sports must be the performance bargain of a lifetime.Ian Hyne Kit Cars International

Grahams Westfield Web-site
This Bright Orange Westfield 3.9,has had some very special RPi treatment, Its currently testing our new carbon Fibre plenum Intake.& Its looking good already, So expect more on this soon.Featured on our own pages too " Click"

MG, Triumph, & Other Rover V8 related Marquess.
Worldwide Specialist's
Triumph Stag Enthusiasts
The Stag Enthusiasts web site.

Stag Owners Club The Stag Owners Club was formed in November 1979 and currently has over 5,500 members in 32 countries. A great many events are held at both local and national level, which include concours competitions, treasure hunts, social meetings, weekend breaks and fun days.

Doug's Rover SD1 Pages The original SD1 pages
More SD1 info & Links than you could shake a stick at. !! Keep it up Doug..

The New SD1 forum. Complete Forum for SD1 owners,
SD1 Cars. For sale, Wanted, parts wanted or for sale ,bodystyling events, links and much more.

The Rover SD1 Club. The Rover SD1 Lives on.
Everything "SD1" Indeed far too much to list. list.
V8 pages "Click"
Rover SD1 & V8 Holland.
The Rover SD1 site, Netherlands
This Rover SD1 chatgroup is meant for the owners or lovers of the Rover SD1

Rover SD1 Mania
The Rover, SD1 Links
Links to other Rover SD1 related sites.

The all newRover P6 Drivers Club.
The Rover P6, Truly a 'Classic amongst Classics'.
five years since the founding of the RP6DC by Reg Mason, and the Club is now bigger and stronger than ever

Rover 800 New and used parts
The Rover 800 series.
Barrem Motors.
Secondhand spares for all models of 800 , cars bought / sold / sourced...distance no object. Some spares for 2 , 4 & 6 series as well as Montego.

Rover 800 Web Pages
A Very Unique Rover 800 web Site.
Everything Everything Cobra, And there is just too much to list.

Cobra Replica Club Site..
Exclusive Cobra Web Site

Manta V8 Register.
Opel Manta Web Sites
The basic aim of the club is to provide assistance and information to our members, covering ALL aspects of building, owning and running V8 and modified Manta/Cavaliers. .
MG Specialist "UK" (Cox & Perry).
MG V8 specialist.,
"UK ("Norfolk") )
Cox & Perry (MG) Frettenham Road Horstead NR12 7LB )
Contact "Paul" Tel: 01603 737195
E mail: paul@coxperry.freeserve.co.uk

MGB Hive

Supplying the complete range of MGB parts, panels and accessories, they have summarised the more common parts and if you are unable to find the part required, telephone them for the price and availability.


Neils MG Home page.
At the moment this site is purely an Image Gallery but I'll expand it to look prettier and have more info as I get the time. They say an image is worth a 1000 words, so take your time and browse through my little collection. :)

MG Specialist "Australia" (AA Automotive ).
MG. Manifolds and brakes
AA Automotive 224 Kensington Road Marryatville S.A 5068 Tel (60 08) 83644988 mgadel@senet.com.au

Click here to see products

Parts & Engines "Canada" Parts and Engine
Contact, Barrie Robinson barrier@bconnex.net

Triumph Specialist "USA"
Triumph V8 specialist.,"USA" (Jim )
Contact Jim Holewka)
Triumph NAR Web-site

Yorkshire Triumph
Yorkshire Triumph
Triumph Specialists: Rover V8 conversions to TR7 & Stag Most V8 and associated work carried out. Also anything from a bulb change to full restorations on TR7 Stag GT6 Spitfire 2000/2500 & Sprints.

John Tomlinson Bell Lane Garage
TELE: 01405 839420 Rawcliffe email:yorkshiretriumph@yahoo.co.ukGoole East Yorkshire DN14 8RP
Newbury & Thatcham Capri Club.
Newbury & Thatcham Capri Club.
Started in August 1999, with only 5 members, we now have 32 members and we are still growing. As a club we need your help in Keeping the Capri Legend Alive, Our members come from, Newbury, Thatcham, Reading, Swindon, Kingsclere, Tadley, Hungerford, Basingstoke, Wantage, Didcot, Camberley and London.

Tony Cooper (Club Secretary) Mobile:07798-817355, Home: 01635-579312 E-Mail Enquiries@ntcc.org.uk

Other. Specialist's

ATV Mannix
Honda Rincon and Rincon GPScape with German road permission.
All the same whether for work or spare time, the operational areas of these vehicles are extraordinarily large,
as the accessories available will show.
The pure driving pleasure - fun and function in one!

Motorcycles of distinction.

Classic & Custom Triumph, Harley and Moto Guzzi. bespoke Custom rebuilds and restorations,
PSP Engineering
Ultimate Truimph
Kawasaki Streetfighters Web Kawasaki Big fours.

Street Bikes. Classic & Custom this site has it all.
The V8 Bike Story

Why a V8 in a bike you ask? The answer is that it was a challenge that had to be met. The motivation for having an over abundance of horsepower is the same reason that big engines are put in small cars and street rods;
V8 Bike

V8 Bike

Camcoat supply and apply a wide range of thermal management, lubrication and anti-corrosion performance coatings.

FreeClix communications division is the first Internet service provider to offer wireless leased line/SDSL Broadband services in Norwich.

Free Clix

V8 Bike VeTrack
VeTrack are worldwide agents for DriveRight vehicle monitors, Inmarsat D+, GPS, and other fleet tracking, logging and location systems

Storage systems for you land rover. Visit this link for a wide range of storage devices for Land Rovers, Discovery's and Series. Mobile Storage Systems
V8 Bike
V8 Bike Tim Andrew Photographer
Tim Andrew produces exceptional results, even if circumstances are not ideal. 15 years of experience gives him the confidence and ability to see them through to fruition.

Other. Sites of interest
Asian Adventures U.K.

Accompanied four wheel drive adventures in the jungles of Asia with Roger Crowhurst Associates and Coast to Coast World Wide Travel.

Bedouin Tents

Unique, handmade bedouin and nomadic tents from pakistan and morocco.

email them at bedouintents@email.com

Norwich School Canoeing offers coaching for individuals or groups, equipment hire and a range of associated services so if it's anything to do with canoeing and kayaking, we can probably do it for you.



Catering and Exhibition Trailers



BDS Trailers are South Yorkshires leading supplier of Catering and Exhibition Trailers and Equipment.
Our Web Site contains information on all types of trailers and accessories.
Ford Anglia & More

This French Web site, seems to have all the "Fords" old or new, well covered.
GPS Garmin.



Expedition Equipment, Garmin GPS Systems, 12 Volt Accessories, Solar Power | Compasses, Tyre Safety Systems, Winches, Hand Held Radios, Multi-Tools, Off Road Vehicle Accessories, Ground Tents | Land Rover Spare Parts.
4WD Racing.

M, J Lee Engineering. We specialize in off-road products from Differential Protector's to our own built off-road racer's (MATTSERATI). Take a look at our products page if you are looking
At the Norwich Scuba Centre we conduct the full range of Scuba Diving programs developed by the

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).


email - dive@norwichscubacentre.co.uk

Speed Shack



WildTracks is one of a kind. It is the only purpose-built off road activity park in the UK dedicated to a range of colorful, fast-moving and fun outdoor events for the public and corporate entertainment market to enjoy.


Kevin Mathews web site, young and brilliant Karting and Formula France driver.


Visit Our own "Sales Pages".
You never Know, you just may find what you are looking for !!.

If you have any interest in any of these vehicle's , please send mail direct to the above advertiser, (Tell them we sent you).
If you wish us to place you vehicle on these pages, or have something specific you require please send details direct to us.

You can be added to these pages.

(Recommended Specialist's, Suppliers & Clubs section).Due to the ever increasing demand for Rpi Engines and related products, we are always looking to expand our lists Of V8 specialist to promote from our pages,
All we ask is you consider RPi with all V8 engine and associated issues and we will do the rest free of charge. Either in the Uk or overseas, we can find your local customers for you
And in return all we ask is you give & maintain the service and quality off attention we afford to all our own customers. Indeed, no more than would be expected of any reputable supplier. Its that simple.

We accept no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any descriptions or resultant transactions that may follow from the advertisements on these pages. Further regulations will be posted soon.

No charges are made for placing advertising on this pages, but a gratuity would be expected from vendors and purchasers following any successful transactions made from the use of this facility

Transaction, Currency conversion and shipping assistance is available if required

{short description of image}

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Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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