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Parts, Engines for sale
Lotus V8 Esprit Engine
Boxer intake manifold & Carbs.

And wanted
Twin Plenum injection intake wanted

Specialist Information area

Rover V8 In a Mazda MX5.

Parts for sale & wanted plus Specialist Info

Lotus Esprit Turbo engine

For Sale

Lotus Esprit Turbo engine -87 has run 46,672 km. Complete with Gearbox, new clutch, new manifold. Full service documentation, has been thoroughly and properly serviced on a yearly basis by an authorized dealer.

If you are interested, contact Chris at RPi engineering.

(Sorry now sold)

Boxer intake manifold & Carbs.

For Sale
Boxer intake manifold & Carbs.

Boxer intake With SU Carbs.
The above Boxer intake is complete with carbs and is for sale. Please send e-mail if your are interested, we are selling on behalf of a Customer

Sorry now sold to a buyer in Melbourn Australia.

And Wanted.

Wanted Twin plenum injection unit (now located)


I am looking for a twin plenum injection manifold system for the Rover V8.

gdsmith@dial.pipex.com(Graham Smith)

Chris, As a direct result of your advert some guy mailed me suggesting I try Ray Webb of V8 Developments, I sent him a mail and he had one on the shelf... in fact he had two but he's hanging on to one of them! I got one of those twin throttle plenum chambers, I've got some photos on the web.... See

gdsmith@dial.pipex.com(Graham Smith)

Specialist Information area

Information wanted on fitting a V8 into a Mazda MX5..


Hello, Have you heard of anyone putting the Rover V8 in a Mazda MX5 Miata? If so, any details please.
Tony Mason AEC 2601a R&VT-CAPE;Ford Motor Co. Dearborn MI 48121 Tel (313) 845 2657 Fax (313) 248 6623 amason1@ford.com

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