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Dear Chris,

Thank you once again for the time and effort you and your team put into making my car (4.6 HSE) run properly once again.

Actually, it runs even better than it ever did before. The guy at Autogas in Bristol was very impressed and he told me that he would give you a call sometime, so I hope that there will be even more business going your way.
To keep this short and simple, I have just one question, the gap on my spark plugs has been reduced by Autogas, is that necessary? If so I will remember to do it every time they change the spark plugs.

Thank you once again. Art

No, as your system is now correct, std. plug gap or even wider plug gaps are possible without concern.

Hi Chris,

Just a quick thanks for the work done on my Disco yesterday. Great driving home and, yes, better economy. Twenty more miles out of the filling than I've had in six months.
If that keeps up (which I'm sure it will) then I'm a happy bunny. You were right about the kick-down under LPG - it's as good as under petrol now.
Thanks again to Steve: I appreciated his skill and attitude.

A happy and blessed Christmas to you and yours.

Regards Robin Davies Reading

Hi Chris & Lisa,

Hi Chris, Lisa, Geoff and all, Firstly may I say a very big thank you for everyone's efforts in getting my LSE dual-fuelled. The experience, though tiring, was a very worthwhile one. I fully understand MY system fitted to MY car by MYself! It really does make the difference knowing the ins and outs of it all. There has been a lot of interest by local Rangie owners, and I know for sure of two of them that will be contacting you shortly.

The return journey home was uneventful, the engine running as smooth as ever, I changed between petrol and gas several times (new button to play with 8-) and it never missed a beat.

I do hope your business continues to prosper, with the service, product and your magical know-how, you really do deserve to be hugely succesful.

Kind Regards John Bridgett

Why Can't the Italians make the tank gauges releliable?

Dear Chris

Arrived home after driving a completely different RangeRover to the one I left a week ago! The difference is amazing, it is so much more responsive. I honestly can't tell any difference between the two, if anything the gas is better.
However, I have a small problem with the tank level indicator, after 165miles I still have 4 lights on the switchover panel and the tank gauge is still showing approx. 75 litres. Either the tank sender unit is not working or I'm doing about 165 miles to the litre!!!!!!

I noticed a metallic clank a couple of times coming from the tank is this normal? Or has the sender unit fallen apart? Can I change the sender, or is it permanently inside the tank? There's no urgency on this, it's just that I would like everything working properly. If I can do anything about it, will you advise and I'll fit the relevant parts, or shall I wait and pay you a visit next time I come over to Caister?

Thanks again for a superb job. I'll spread the RPi gospel around here!!!! COLIN LAW


Hi, Just back from Norwich having spent 2 days fitting my LPG conversion to my LSE under the watchfull eye(s) of Chris Crane and his team at RPi.

My initial impressions are favourable, the engine is much smoother at idle, doesn't seem to lose any noticable power when running on gas, and the switch over between gas and petrol is seemless. It's too early yet to comment on economy. Fitting the kit was straight forward, though there is quite a bit of work to do. My job was a little more complicated due to the fact that I was removing the OE fuel tank, fitting the gas tank in it's place and then fitting one of RPi's inner-wing petrol tanks. This was my favoured solution because I didn't want to lose boot space or the ability to run on petrol. This solution gives around 64 litres of gas and 7.5 gallons of petrol (apologies for the unit change :-). The equipment used was Tartarini and is full closed loop system with oxygen sensor. The fitting kit was very good with injector emulators (fools the OE ECU into thinking the injectors are still in circuit), ECU for the gas control (handles mixture, switch over etc. etc.) and the other numerous parts.

I will be writing a full article on my conversion, if anyone wants a copy I'll make it available.


Very friendly people BUT very busy. They will certainly do their best to accomodate you but you must realise they are running a business. I was there for 2 days and I would say around 25% of that time I was waiting for information or guidance. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, sort of 10 mins here and there etc. The engineers are very willing and able and the quality of workmanship and information second to none. I really appreciated the help and assistance that I was given, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering going LPG. RPi are experts in the field of V8 engines (Rover in particular) and LPG.

This is a completely unbiased mini review of RPi and their products. I have no connection with RPi other than that of a very satisfied customer.

Kind Regards John Bridgett

Hi Chris

Just a quick note to let you know that my Rover is running well on LPG following the conversion that we did a fortnight ago. There is a small but noticeable loss of very low down power (pulling away from lights, junctions etc) on gas. Idle at cold is also a touch rough but fine when fully warmed up. This may be due to the fact that we didn't upgrade the ignition side of things (coil, amp, leads, plugs etc) or may be down to it needing a tune-up after things have bedded in. I have driven about 500 on gas. Can you let me know your thoughts and give me a price on upgrading the ignition side of things?

The answer is simple, It's both!! And both will gain more of what you wanted.

That's the next job after the engine... I have been up to see Chris and an 80 litre tank will fit longways in the boot next to the spare wheel, leaving boot space and allowing us to still fold down the larger 'half' of the rear seats for any larger loads.

Once it's all (engine and gas) done, hopefully it'll be fine for a few years. As I do around 1000 miles a week, the gas conversion will soon pay for itself (at least before the next budget!)

Chris is very helpful and not all that pushy about selling stuff - he is happy (it seems) to offer lots of good advice and he really seems to know V8s. I'd recommend anyone to have a ride out to wildest Norfolk. It's about 90 miles from here, but a worthwhile trip!

Simon Atkinson - http://www.raunds.demon.co.uk/

Hi Chris

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I've fitted the ignition advance module and the improvement is amazing, it seems to go better now on LPG than petrol. I'm considering the next stages of the modifications. I am thinking long term of a 4.6 motor, but for now would appreciate some input as to what other things I can do to improve the performance and economy of the engine. I was considering an ECU upgrade and different exhaust/manifolds, though I'm a bit limited with the CATs. Any thoughts would be a great help.

Thanks and Kind Regards Mark Hodge.

Hi Chris,

I bought an A&R unit off you a while back to fit to a '93 RR. Unfortunately the original unit died due to some electrical problem. I have fitted the new unit and have now done about 600 miles with it, so touch wood all seems OK. When I last spoke to you, you expressed some interest in feedback about what led to the failure.

This is what I checked out.

Removed the smoothing cap from the back of the alternator, cleaned and checked that it was still functioning as a cap, ie. Charged it and whatched for a gradual discharge. This was OK so I re-fitted it.

I checked the smoothing cap on the +ve terminal of the coil, this looked quite rough (rusty!) so I threw it away and fitted another. Interestingly, this raised the tickover quite noticeably so the cap can't have been doing very much.

I had also fitted a new dizzy (one of the older type without the amp bolted to the side).

A new cap for the coil only costs £3, so could be worth recomending people fit a new one with the unit? If you have a A133 alternator the caps for that come to £18 - so a circuit test could be a cheaper way to proceed first. Although my local LEX garage started looking worried and sucking their teeth when I said I had an LPG conversion with various electronic control boxes (I probably shouldn't have told them!).
My local Land Rover dealer told me that you couldn't get the alternator smoothing caps separately, however Famous Four managed to find part numbers for them!

As an aside:

I like the new additions to the A&R unit, ie. the shielded cable to the dizzy and all the necessary connectors provided ... makes it a lot easier to do a tidy job. Performance and fuel economy both seem to be increased so I would consider myself impressed with the unit.

Thanks for all your help

Jon Quilliam

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