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Parts Price List V8 Engine and Ancillaries
Unleaded Heads - Valves - Rockers
Please note that the below price lists and specifications are out of date.
For our up to date prices and specifications please visit out online shop here
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All RPi Engineering heads are now fully unleaded. By using the latest 4.6 Rover guides and seals, we guarantee 100,000 miles or 5 years of unleaded use. Why spend a fortune for less?

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Notes on Heads

(surcharge applies (£POA per pair) if, for whatever reason, exchange/return heads are not available.

Most engine's head upgrade requirements (after 1994, Serp. Type), would need to be based on our brand new heads (see below) in which case no exchange is required.
Our brand new heads are latest spec. 28cc combustion chamber to allow for composite gasket use with no loss of compression, and feature the latest 10-bolt fixing, unleaded, oil-impregnated guides, and fully-enclosed guide seal inlet/exhaust. They are compatible for all V8s, 1960 through 2001.

Head Rebuild Kit, (unleaded) See special offer pages here £POA
2000 (Phase 1) spec recon. heads (pair) acid dipped, faced, new valves, unleaded guides. 3 angle seats etc. (pair) See web pages for full specification £POA
Stage 1 reconditioned heads (pair) See web pages for full specification £POA
Stage 3 (fast road high torque ) recon heads (pair) all performance heads are individually hand finished (pair) See web pages for full specification £POA
Brand new New 4.0 & 4.6 heads, (NEW) also suited for all capacity's 3.5/3.9 £POA
New 4.6 (28cc) heads developed to Stage 1 £POA
New 4.6 (28cc) heads developed to Stage 3 £POA
Ultimate big valve heads, For 4.8 to 5.2 capacity or serious competition.

We have used them on engines up to 334 bhp and have seen them tested on engines up to 400bhp, indeed my own 5.2 with these heads can produce over 403 ft/lb of torque at 2800rpm, but I must confess we don't have the flow data to prove it (I guess we spent too much time porting). But quite simply we believe they are the best you can do, without starting again with a new solid block of Aluminium.
Head Gasket set, available with composite or shim steel, also composite option for Valley gasket. £POA
Surcharge (non exchange) heads (pair) non applicable to new 4.6 heads. £POA
Head bolt set (latest stretch type for improved sealing) all 20 in set. £POA
Head Stud Kit. (for higher. performance use) inc. high tensile washer set. £POA
Head bolt set std type all 28 in set inc. Head washer set, high tensile strength £POA
Valve spring set for standard and performance cam applications. (price cut by 1/3rd) £POA
Standard inlet/exhaust valves - (very special low price on new O/E Valves) £POA
Big (Stage 3 valves) for use with std valve seats (need machining)
Inlet std. ( 39.85 mm ) Big. ( 41.35 mm )
Exhaust std. ( 33.88 mm ) Big. ( 35.5 mm )
Valve guide set - standard (also available bulleted for increased engine efficiency) £POA
Valve guide set - unleaded, with new style seals, ready to install or bulleted available, add £20.00 £POA
Rocker shafts - each £POA
Rocker arms - each, (16 required) £POA
Push rod set £POA
Push rod set - adjustable for spot on pre-load adjustment and for use with Rhoads lifters) £POA
Shim Kit - essential for all Tappet pre-load settings. £POA

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Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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