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Quote of the year! Some people like to listen to music while they work ... Me? Now I've been on your site, I just work with the sound of your V8 in the background. DD.

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Marcos & Morgan 'plus 8' Section.

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Morgan +8

Marcos TS500

Morgan plus 8 Carb. models Morgan plus 8 Flapper injection.
Morgan plus 8 Hot Wire injection. Latest 2000-03 & Le-mans models

Morgan plus 8 Carb. models

Chris Just a quick note of thanks to you and Lisa for your efficient handling of the (Weber 500) carbie kit for my Plus 8 (which arrived remarkably quickly), It's all fitted now (no problems whatever), and my Mog really is transformed.

Your tips on the website were most useful. Unlike one of the testimonials on your website, my car did NOT start on the first turn of the key. That was because I forgot to reconnect the fuel pump. When I did that it DID start first go, and I only needed about a quarter turn in of the mixture screws from the recommended two-turns-out starting point to achieve excellent performance throughout the rev range.

Bonnet clearance and accessibility is superb, and it looks really great. Again, many thanks

Regards Mal Bunny

Morgan plus 8 Flapper injection.
Hi folks.

They said I should wait, but I couldn't... I went and bought the Tornado chip from Chris Crane, RPI. I also ordered new innards (tubes) for the plenum chamber, knock sensors (which were missing) and Magnacor plug leads. A small hours works and I was ready to turn the key. Talk about plug and play!! It fired at first attempt, and ran as smoothly as never before.

I was quite nervous for the test drive. No worries. It went like a bomb. It used to start protesting at app. 4500 RPM. It now runs up to 7000 (ok, I know I have to take it easy) like a turbine. Chris claims a 20 -25 % increase in HP and torque. I fully believe him. This engine (the Rover SAGEM GEMS 4.0) is in reality detuned from the factory and has an enormous potential for chip trimming.

With tubular manifolds and anti tramp bars my LM62 +8 will really be getting serious. That will have to wait 'till winter, though. Now all I want to do is DRIVE!!


Morgan plus 8 Hot Wire injection.

Mr. Chris Crane and Ian Thurtell,
Many thanks for your presents an congratulations with 25 years of RPI Engineering.
We have found the cause of the problem. The Power Boost Valve did not work properly.
We installed a' new one. The pressure is 3,3 atm/1000 rpm and 4,3 atm/5500 rpm.
From 800-5500 rpm now the engine keeps running regular and performs very powerful.
You were right, the TORNADO-chip was working correct.
Now I am very glad with my 4,6 ltr. and RPI parts.
Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards
Wil G
The Netherlands.

Race spec. Morgan + 8 3.9. Now with RPi Tornado chip.

After testing the upgrade, The owner could not wait to go out and play.
0 to 100mph, now, achieved in only 12 seconds with superb engine torque increases. from an otherwise stock, blueprinted engine.

Hope all is well.
We had our first nice springdays yesterday and today. I took Moggie to the airfield and winched up my paraglider for the first flight of the year.Fantastic thermal conditions so I climbed rapidly to over 6000 ft and went away with the winds. Landed far away from home near a petrol station. Got hike with two nice girls back to the field. Invited the nicest in a racy/tourqy tour in Moggie and it ended up with a sucsessful date

thanks to the enormous RPi 4.6 power.... (even all other Mogfriends are impressed). The engine performs perfekt. The oil now stay clean as syrup with no consumption and I feel the enginge start to loose up. Lovely (despite the expensive bill for it) Happy Easter/Ulf Ulf Bergers (Sweden)

Morgan plus 8 (hot wire EFi)

Dear Chris,
Just to refresh your memory, I'm the guy in Montana you called, that purchased the Optimax chip, ignition amp and fuel regulator. I got the chip installed and it certainly seems smoother and more responsive. As I told Lorne Goldman (www.gomog.com)
I didn't think the Morgan could run much better than it did when I bought it.

Ran the Morgan today for 60 miles with your Stage 1 heads and Rp4 cam.Feels really good,I've always fitted Crane Cams in the past but this Rp4 takes some beating for fast road use.

Will let you know full story once we have set the whole thing up on the rolling road in a couple of weeks.

Thanks also for the R380, should have that installed into another moggie by the weekend. Will be glad when my new engine building room is complete,and can start building more fast road/track V8 engines!
Please pass on my thanks to Lisa for all her sterling efforts so far. Regards Andreas Adamou, Autorapide (Morgan Service Agents) for North Somerset.

Hi Chris!

It's been about five weeks now that I've had your Tornado chip in my Morgan Plus 8 4.6. I am very pleased with it and the Magnecor Competition ignition leads installed at the same time. Everything has settled in nicely: The engine idle is absolutely rock-steady with instantaneous pick-up.

There are no flat-spots, and rather than running out of breath at around 4,500 rpm the engine's in-gear performance now displays a second wind at 3,000 rpm and eagerly revs to 5,000 rpm and beyond.

Can't make any judgement about 5th gear performance beyond 4,400 rpm yet: that will have to wait until I go to Germany.

The engine certainly feels rather more perky. Fuel consumption in town is unchanged and about 10% better on a trip. There is a marked improvement in throttle response: it now borders on the telepathic.

The more I drive the car, the more I appreciate the changes to the engine management. The improvement in driveability is considerable.

Many thanks, and kind regards, Achim Gloger

20k, 'miles' Later !!.
Dear Chris,
It was good to talk to this morning. I have now had 20,000 enjoyable miles out of your 4.6 litre conversion for my 3.9 litre V8 Morgan. It runs so smoothly and delivers torque like a steam engine. We have been to France many times and have enjoyed motoring like it was before the roads filled up. I would be grateful if you would please send me a health check. My e-mail did not reach you this morning because of change in e-mail address. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes and many thanks,

John H.
Latest 2000-03 & Le-mans models

Dear Chris
The Morgan has now been chipped, and does run much more freely. A marked improvement. Although I have librands manifold it is still running on standard pipes and the cats are still in situ. What is the next stage that I could consider? I still would love a smidgen more noise. With best regards George


Dear Chris,

Just to let you know that the Morgan is running beautifully with your delightful 4.6l engne. I took it to France earlier this year and it ran for over 500 miles without a murmur. Mark Adams tells me that it is the quietest V8 that he has ever come across and I would say it is a delight to drive. Many thanks for giving me such fun and satisfaction. kind regards, John H.

Hi Chris..
I just want to drop you a line about my newly chipped Morgan LeMans -62 +8.

It took about 1 hour to mount the knock sensors, plenum chamber tubes, Magnacor leads and new, chipped CPU in my Morgan. It fired instantly and runs very smoothly at 8-900 at idle. Torque is enormous, and it revs freely to nearly 7000. I haven't run very far yet, as I did it this afternoon, but it seems to be a great success. If it keeps running like this I'll be very happy indeed.

Very happy in Norway

Part one feedback
Hi folks.
They said I should wait, but I couldn't... I went and bought the Tornado chip from Chris Crane, RPI. I also ordered new innards (tubes) for the plenum chamber, knock sensors (which were missing) and Magnacor plug leads. A small hours works and I was ready to turn the key. Talk about plug and play!! It fired at first attempt, and ran as smoothly as never before.

I was quite nervous for the test drive. No worries. It went like a bomb. It used to start protesting at app. 4500 RPM. It now runs up to 7000 (ok, I know I have to take it easy) like a turbine. Chris claims a 20 -25 % increase in HP and torque. I fully believe him. This engine (the Rover SAGEM GEMS 4.0) is in reality detuned from the factory and has an enormous potential for chip trimming.

With tubular manifolds and anti tramp bars my LM62 +8 will really be getting serious. That will have to wait 'till winter, though. Now all I want to do is DRIVE!!


Part 2 Feedback
Hi Chris..
I just want to drop you a line about my newly chipped Morgan LeMans -62 +8.

It took about 1 hour to mount the knock sensors, plenum chamber tubes, Magnacor leads and new, chipped CPU in my Morgan. It fired instantly and runs very smoothly at 8-900 at idle. Torque is enormous, and it revs freely to nearly 7000. I haven't run very far yet, as I did it this afternoon, but it seems to be a great success. If it keeps running like this I'll be very happy indeed.

Hi Chris

It really would be wrong not to record my thanks for the amazing support and help from Ian over the last 2 days. I am a complete luddite where computers are concerned and his patience as he talked me through everything was amazing.

I know you would want to pass this on to him, well impressed does not come close.

Thanks again and best wishes to all.


Dear Chris and team

Just had to write to let you have my thoughts on the recent engine upgrade on my Morgan +8 i.e. the tornado chip and Magnecor leads.

Having initially been impressed by the instant improvement in power and acceleration, I have taken some time to live with the car in its new configuration to see if there are any drawbacks at all - and I am delighted to say I can find none - the car is simply a pleasure to drive and enjoy to the full. Although it is fair to say that even more care is now required, especially in the wet, if tempted to use the power injudiciously.

The most obvious changes are the improved responsiveness to the throttle, throughout the rev range, though I confess I have not yet dared to go much beyond 6000 rpm - I'm sure there is still more there should I get a suitable opportunity to use it! There is at the same time a smooth flexibility and full advantage can be taken of the immense torque of this engine, which will pull away in 5th at 10 mph if you want it to!

It idles smoothly at rest now too, a recurring problem with the engine before, sometimes even suffering embarrassing stalling at traffic lights. No such problems any more.

And, to cap it all, your sports exhaust system makes it sound like a real sports car should! To the extent that the car has provoked much curiousity from anyone who has heard it coming!

Thanks to everyone for delivering 100% on what you had promised for this modification. I am now considering what might be the next stage - but that will have to wait for a few months whilst I make the most of the summer...

Kind regards

Paul W

More Morgan page updates soon.
Marcos TS 500

Perhaps the last, Ulimate V8, "The new, Marcos TS500".

The engine bay of the all New Marcos TS500.

As Std with Magnecor wires and our unique triple throttle body, carbon fibre intake system.
Notwithstanding the massive throttle response and power gains afforded to this top class engine, you cant help noticing, It deliver's the formidable Rover V8, 'headlong' into the 20th century.

1991 Mantula 3.9i which is completely standard in the engine department (said Lewis)

Upgrade to Tornado Chip, Carbon superfleare intake and ingition upgrades.

VERY noticeable difference and a great first step, can't wait for the rest of my upgrades in the spring!! The car feels stronger and happier to rev, overtaking is now a pleasure rather than an effort - money well spent! Cheers for all the tea!
Thanks again, lewis

MGB, GT & RV8 Section

Hello Lisa,
Fitted the Optimax in the RV8: perfect match to this car, smooth acceleration in any gear without any hesitation.
Great job!

Now I have to save money for the Tornado into my Classic Range Rover :-)

Kind regards,


Hi Ian, Chris and Steve,
I am pleased to say I am delighted with the work you did on Tuesday with the Optimax chip and new Magnecor plug leads, at first I thought that was a lot of money for little gain other than a smoother low end pull as demonstrated round the lanes, given also that Chris had indicated that RV8 was fairly well sorted anyway with out the Cats on the original test run. I then had the trek back round Norwich and the 100 odd miles home, I realised that the car was so much smoother in traffic and that I was not hopping between gears in the 20-40mph zones through the city and on the A11 there was no need to drop down to 2nd to get a smooth fast pull away from roundabouts, I was getting all I needed from 3rd with a strong smooth pull with less revs, just cleaner faster exits. The exhaust note was also changing slightly to be more grunty, a little fun with a Porsche also proved that top end rev range pulled longer and stronger much to his surprise. A day round London the following day proved that the subtle changes in the MG's drivability actually had given major improvements to the driving enjoyment and journey. Some 400 miles later, as you said Ian, it would improve still further as the ECU and car settled to my driving style.

I always have a grin when I drive the RV8, it is now a lot wider, many thanks guys, job well done!!

Kind regards,

MG RV8 Optimax Chip Upgrade

mgr v8 MG RV8 Optimax chip and filter upgrade mgr v8
The proud owner of this vehicle had no idea that the factory-built car could be significantly improved upon without even opening the bonnet. Indeed, he was most amazed at the gains available with such a simple upgrade (done in minutes) Ref. MGRV8 - K 400 MGR

Customer Comments

Many thanks for your hospitality last Thursday, good to see a highly motivated group of people. Herewith my initial report on the Optimaxed RV8. Nothing phenomenal but the whole transmission and car is improved, and more tractable. Pick up response is smoother with more torque at lower RPM. Progression through the gears is smoother and there is no hesitation which was manifested as a slight clunk in the final drive on pick up. Initial assessment on fuel consumption is a 10% increase in mpg. I feel (and correct me if I'm wrong) that a set of flowed, shortened and polished trumpets will improve the breathing, together with improving air intake to the K&N left of the radiator.
Will you kindly quote for upgrading my inlet manifold with shortened, flowed and polished trumpets, also the turn-round time. MGB GT V8 (1974) I wish to maintain my cast-iron manifolds, kindly include your price to match and polish my cylinder heads to the exhaust manifolds and the inlet manifold. The engine spec. remains as original with SU HIF6 carbs. Also inform the turnaround time for the above.

As we have said, these improvements are very addictive and I suspect we will be seeing more of this one soon.


This article followed from our notification of the Exported MG-RV8. Having its distributor vacuum pipe connected incorrectly on all Japanese RV8 re-imports, almost all throttle response and about 15 bhp of engine power was lost due to this. The correction, however, took 5 seconds and cost nothing, tempting many into further upgrades. (MG World April/May 1999)


Following the recent report regarding incorrect engine vacuum usage of the RV8 (MG World April/May 1999), those V8 chaps at RPi Engineering have been delving deeper into those locked out efficiency gains inherent in the stock MG RV8.

For those owners who would like a smoother response, improved torque and economy, I recommend that you contact RPi International Ltd. in Norwich, it's all in there, and yet again there is no need for a single spanner inside your engine.

RPi have been developing many Eprom (Chips) for all model Efi Rovers (i.e. TVR, Morgan, Range Rover, Westfield etc.), and now the MG RV8. Unlike most re-chipping, their targets and goals are somewhat different. Most companies offering ECU Chipping would only seek to improve/enhance top end performance (i.e. in search of bigger BHP numbers), and, because they always strive to achieve more than their rivals, this normally only means an increase in top end fuelling where they can claim more BHP. To anyone with any knowledge of engine fueling, it is easy to see that this is indeed a poor compromise for street use. For most that strive to improve not only top-end bhp but, more importantly, part throttle response and high torque load areas, 1000-4500rpm is the area where most if not all power & efficiency gains are actually appreciated (unless of course you are racing only).

They say the secret to correct chipping is to place each vehicle type on a rolling road and, with a lap top computer, interrogate all the engine's fuel, timing & load options, not just a flat out revs but the complete three dimensional fuel map. This is where all part throttle and high load driving is taken care of.

And the result

Lower possible emissions not just at idle where the MOT is tested but throughout the rev and engine load range, thus producing ultimate economy, efficiency and overall power with smoother power gains throughout. Installation and setting-up takes around one hour. Contact Chris Crane on 01603 891209 or email: info@v8engines.com for prices etc. The company specializes in Rover V8 engines and has much advice to give on the RV8 including supply of associated spare parts.

Dear Chris,

Edelbrook conversion is now running. The car is far more responsive to the throttle with a MUCH improved power delivery. The engine runs more smoothly, but the way I'm driving it at the moment I appear to be using quite a bit. However, when cruising at 85mph and hitting 95mph up hill I suppose I cannot expect anything less. With the SUs, the car would have hesitated to reach 80mph up the same hill and there would have been a 'dead spot' on the throttle at 75mph making a cruise at around 80-85mph not very smooth.

Thanks for the help and advice given to me and John, my mechanic. The trouble is I now would dearly love chromed rocker covers!!! I'll save up a bit more and 'phone through my order a.s.a.p. I'll also get in touch when funds permit the next phase of the project to convert to LPG. Best regards, Stephen

Lisa A couple of weeks ago, I ordered from you a load of V8 goodies to upgrade my MGB V8 (Edelbrock 500 card, manifold etc etc). I also ordered a Mallory dual-point distributor. All the parts arrived without any problems - many thanks for such a speedy and efficient response.
Best wishes
Prof. Keith H. Bennett

Rover Sdi V8 Triumph Stag & TR8,Section


RoverSD1's Triumph Stag

John's SD1.
(our Web site Guru)

Anyway, I've just got back from a cruise down to Brighton for a wedding. Fantastic drive! The most incredible thing, I reckon, is the fuel consumption! It cost me about £45 round trip. 330 miles! Travelling on average at between 80 and 90mph. I think that's absolutely awesome from a 4.2! Impressed I am!

Johns SD1

Thanks for getting the Weber through so quick - I received it on Friday and fitted it on Saturday morning! Everything went really smoothly and once the petrol was fed through it fired up first time. Excellent!

The Stag goes much better with the Weber than it ever did with the Holley and, what's more, it appears to run a lot smoother and with none of the smoke that it used to bellow out!
Thanks again for a great service. Tim

Jeremy Clarkson samples and relishes in the glory or an RPi 5.2 V8.

The 'SD1', 1976 to 1986, The last British V8 Classic Indeed !!.

Jeremy Clarkson tests the delights of an SD1 with our 5.2 power plant, built specially for him. Check out the Christmas video, 2000 'At Full Throttle' available now from us œPOA with free Rpi T-Shirt (if you ask & state size). Extra Tees œPOA each. Extra Vids œPOA each (inc VAT).

More details on our Project's section " Click"
{short description of image} Clarckson

TVR V8 Section

TVR 4.3 Griff. T Wolk. Germany

Hello Chris,
First of all I wish you a happy and succesfull new year !!.
I plugged in the Tornado chip and did a little test driving. The road conditions were not good the last few weeks so I could not run at full power, but I felt that the engine ran much better at low revs. I look forward to the improvement of the RPM range above 5000.

Kit Car Section.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the advice and the good job you did setting up my V8 Dax Rush yesterday. The drive home demonstrated how much improved it now is. The best part is the nice smooth idle and the low-speed driveability. It now ticks over with no lumpiness and doesn't cause transmission backlash when pottering round town. It sounds like a V8 at idle should do. I can now floor the throttle in 5th at 30mph without getting any hesitation on pick-up. 60mph comes up 6 seconds later!
Although the mid-range punch doesn't subjectively feel much more than it was, the numbers do seem to come up quicker. This is probably due to the increased smoothness of the engine.
It cost about ten pounds in petrol to get to RPi, doing 60mph on dual carriageways for maximum economy. On the trip home I used the country lanes and wasn't gentle with the throttle. Despite being a longer trip, only about eight pounds' worth of fuel was used. The extra economy makes me happier about long journeys to show the Dax off to friends and family!
Please can you email me copies of the pictures you took of me and the Dax yesterday for my website. My build site is at http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/dhurst and, yes, there is a link to RPi! Please feel free to link to my site.

Thanks again.
V8 Dax Rush IRS

Here is some feed back that you can put on your site if you wish, regarding the upgrade of my 3.5 Westfield.
When arriving at RPi and discussing my requirements with Chris, he told me something very basic. 'If you stick a 3.5 V8 in a car the size and weight of a Westfield, undoubtedly it will be quick, this however does not mean that all is well.' The whole purpose of what I was trying to achieve was to spark some life into the lump beneath the bonnet. I knew it had potential, however it seemed to lack that certain 'Turn the passenger white as a sheet' effect that I was looking for. As I'm not mechanically minded I was quite impressed with the experience and knowledge of the whole team at RPi and let them do what they do best, sort it out .And they Did!
I am still not convinced it is actually the same engine that's in my car.The difference is THAT dramatic.Where have the flat spots gone? As well as the performance it also looks the part. The new rockers and plumbing although relatively inexpensive do make a big difference to the whole appearance of the engine.
The 2-hour drive home was fairly uneventful (apologies to the mini driver on the A11), but that was down to over-zealous driving more than anything else (can you blame me), and my fan sticking on the housing (an old problem). Gave me some grief about 20 mins into the journey, but soon sorted that out.
I asked for power, I got power, if I had asked for it to fly I'm sure they would have stuck a set of wings on.
On a serious note I now have the car I thought I was buying in the first place ... and am I happy? What do you think!

Thanks again, Stephen

Hello Chris,
I came to RPi a couple of weeks ago to have my Dax's V8 'tuned.'.
Since then, the Dax has been on the race track at the Donnington Park kit car show and has covered another 500 faultless miles.
V8 Dax Rush IRS

Dear Chris, sorry for not mailing such a long time,

but I was very busy and also for a few weeks ill, but now I´m ok. Your Westfield section is very good information for all WESTFIELD drivers.

Please excuse that I can`t write in my bad English about the conversion you have done for me. I hope your German mechanic will translate it for you.

Der Umbau von 3.9 zu 4.6. wurde durch RPi absolut profesionel durchgeführt. Ich habe sofort bemerkt, daß hier Leute mit sehr viel Erfahrung arbeiten, so wie sie auf dem Kontinent nicht in Verbindung mit dem ROVER V Motor zu finden sind. Das lästige Ruckeln im Schiebebetrieb wurde genauso behoben, wie auch der vorher hohe Benzinverbrauch nach dem Umbau verschwunden war. Der 4.6 Motor hat einen wesentlich besseren Durchzug und hängt durch den gleichzeitig von RPi montierten K&N Filter auch viel besser am Gas. Chris Crane und seine Leute sind für mich die absoluten Spezialisten in Europa für den ROVER V 8. Yes I would like to have the disc with the pictures you have done. Chris I´m looking for a new and better (carbon?) plenum chamber for the WESTFIELD, can you offer me one? I hope I will see you in 2000 again to talk about the engine (show you my new air-box and exhaust system) and perhaps about new stage 2 (3?) heads. I will come with a small group of German Seven owners to the Stoneleigh Kit-Car show in May (1- 2 May, Bank Holiday) happy motoring. Jochen

{short description of image} You can get a translation here.,

Or visit our Westfield Pages 'Click'

Hi chris,
Just an update from my visit to RPi on the 23-27 July in my Yellow Westfield eight, Well after driving the car now for about 2 years after building it and never been totally happy with the way the engine has run, and after been given all types of useless info from other people, my Westfield is now amazing to drive. After my visit to RPi the engine has never been better, with smooth running even at 20mph in fifth and pulls all the way to 100mph+ with masses of power available in every gear, the transformation was amazing and it feels like a totally different engine, the drive home to Cleveland was great with the Westfield blasting down the road and the roar from the exhausts as the accellerator hits the deck was what made it all worthwhile (4 years from start to finish) and we made the trip in 4 Hours Dead.
So after nearly 4 years from starting the dream of owning a Westfield and 2 years trying the get Westfield to run properly, I can say that the car is now finally finished and I can now start to enjoy the driving experience from her.
Thanks to everyone at RPi for all your help, and I will send anyone who needs help in your direction.
Thanks again
Scott Richmond

More Kit Car, page updates soon.
Others 'V8 powered' Section

Hello Chris, The 3.9 in my Scimitar is running nicely now, loads of grunt, better economy than before. The idle is better with the cam you supplied.

Jeremy Greenwood DIC MSc ARCS
Body Electronics UK (EE205)
BMW Group
Gaydon Test Centre,

Your kind comments are always appreciated 'Thanks'
{short description of image}
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Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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