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Customer coments "What the bulletin boards say".

When asked 'Was our car as fast as any of the TVRs that you drive all the time?'

Jeremy Clarkson replied 'Well, if it's any slower you can't notice it!'

Hi Lisa;
You have no idea how difficult it is to find parts for this car at a reasonable price here in the USA. Thank you very much for your quick attention to my problem. I will be sure to use your services whenever possible in the future. Sincerely, JIM

Dear Ian,

I just wanted to write and thank you and your team for all your help and support thoughout our recent engine etc. purchase. You will be pleased to hear every thing went according to plan and we were able to go on our family holiday. It was quite an experience to do an entire engine change ourselves (bearing in mind I'm 7 months pregnant and have difficulty bending over into the engine bay!!!) But as I said before everything went to plan and she is running like a dream.

What a superb product, I will have no hesitation in recommending you to all my Lanny pals. I will also be writing to Land Rover Owner Internation to alert all other enthusiasts of our experience with you.

Many Thanks again

Michelle and Peter

After a year of temp fixes and a great deal of headaches I recently replaced the engine in my 99 RR 4.6(GEMS) Callaway. Here is what I learned:

After extensive research of whether to rebuild, remanufacture, buy used, or buy new I decided to go with a new short engine from RPi in England. I was told and research confirmed that if you have a shifted liner on the 4.6 or 4.0 engines they are only good for boat anchors at that point. I found several people willing to sell me a rebuilt engine in the neighborhood of $2500. The fragility of these engines does not lend themselves well to this remedy.

So, I started to look for a new short engine at the best price. AB has them for $3995. The dealer wanted in excess of $4500 (I don't remember exactly only that it was ridicules). RPi wanted 1995.00 pounds (approximately $3525.00). You would think I would go with the AB considering they are the same engine from the factory and the shipping and tax would make the AB a more fiscally responsable choice. I would agree until I started adding some components.

Being that I have a RR that their are only 220 of I wanted to make sure the vehicle would last and keep the integrity in order. I decided to replace every component that I had read would or should need replacing within my mileage range (825000 at the time the decision was made).

Short engine
Engine front cover w/ oil pump
Lifters (16)
water pump

I saved a total of $752.49 buying from RPi.

Of course I also replaced the radiator, plugs, rocker shaft assymbly, belt, all related seals and gaskets. I also had the heads reworked, cleaned, and pressure tested by very competent technicians at Skragen in Houston. I would have replaced the heads but the stealer wanted $5212.22 EACH for the Callaway heads new. Yeah, I was going to pay them that LOL!

The removal and replacement of the engine was performed by The Rover Shoppe in Houston. In my opinion the best Land Rover mechanics in Texas hands down. If you are in Houston and need work done they are the place to go. I had dealt with other Rover mechanics in Houston and found them to be less than helpful (I won't name names)! Knowledgeable, courteous, fast, and patient they lend a helpful hand to our masochistic tendencies (in a positive way if that can be said).

RPi was very helpful in the process of picking and shipping the parts I needed. E-mail replies were handled quickly and informatively. It can be an intimidating ordeal to have an engine and parts shipped from abroad but they made the process simple. I never once thought they were going to take my money and run.

I don't often write favorably of any businesses I deal with. Most of the time I'm pessimistic. However in this case I can honestly say that RPi, Skragen, and the Rover Shoppe were tops.

Just my 2 cents add a grain of salt for flavor.
1999 Range Rover

These comments were found on www.emog.com

Give RPi a call and explain what you would like to achieve, at what price, and leave it to Chris Crane. Chris has the highest standard of business ethics that I have ever encountered, and I am completely confident that he would provide a wonderful engine for you at an excellent price. And you could have the knurled pulley fitted at the same time - as well as a set of the new exhaust manifolds Chris has developed. When you see these it will be apparent that they make the other designs look quite wrong - instead of turning downward like the standard LR cast iron variants (or the aftermarket alternatives) and then going through two 90 deg bends to exit rearwards, they duct the gasses straight out through the same hole in the valences and then have a single 90 bend rearwards - thus saving two 90 deg bends in the gas flow. They are also extremely well made - and far superior to any of the alternatives, including the "under the sump" cross flow designs. I remember reading a study of heat rejection in IC engines which cited the heat transfer from the manifolds into the head as a major source of thermal energy - so I would expect the engine to run cooler with the RPi manifolds too.

You are probably aware that while I think that the later LR (cross bolted) engines are the design equal of any of their competitors, I am not enthusiastic about having one in the standard Farmer Giles tune in my sports car. The thing is just too - stolid - like boiled cabbage and dumplings. Do not be concerned that if you tune it you will sacrifice low end power - it is not the case. After Chris has finished with it you will have a lot more power everywhere, and it will feel like it actually enjoys life too. But I would swap it for a 4.6, if I were you, and then you can sell the original to Button when he wants some more power.


These comments were found on www.discoweb.org

By Norm on Friday, April 19, 2002

I had an RPi 4.6 with a Tornado chip put in my '95 last year -- BIG improvement over the 3.9!!!

You ought to check out RPi's very informative website and e-mail Chris Crane, and he can tell you exactly what you'll need to make the switch. Apparently, a new fuel-map chip is essential – otherwise your 4.6 will run too lean and eventually burn up.

As memory serves, in addition to using a 3.9 camshaft (check out Piper performance cams), the 3.9 oil pickup pipe, and 'relieving' your 3.9 oil pan to make room for the 4.6 crank journals (the 4.6 oil pan won't fit in a Disco), you'll need a spacer, either on the crank shaft or the cam shaft (can't remember which) to allow the 3.9 timing sprockets and distributor drive to line up correctly.

You also might look into putting a mid-year '95 front cover with integral oil pump (B suffix 3.9 motor) as these are supposedly an improvement over the separate oil pump and front cover of the earlier 3.9s. The cam shaft thrust plate on the 4.6 will not fit with a 3.9 cam, but the B suffix front cover/oil pump has a peg on the inside that supposedly prevents cam knock.

Also, if you have the older 14-bolt heads, I believe you're supposed to leave the outer 4 bolts loose (or off entirely), otherwise they may cause a head gasket leak -- check with RPi on that. And use new headbolts.

Good luck!


By Dee Cantrell (Disco_Dad) on Wednesday, March 13, 2002

This my be old news to some, but Chris Crane has some useful information
about superchargers on a 4.0- 4.6.

http://www.v8engines.com/engine-3.htm go 1/2 down on the page


By Norm on Friday, May 03, 2002

I had a problem with Amsoil 20W-50 Racing oil in my RPi 4.6 -- I was losing about 1/2 quart of oil every fill-up (@240 miles) with no leaks and no smoke in a virtually new engine. I also noticed a slight 'fluttering' on hard acceleration at about 3500 rpm and above. The Amsoil tech surmised that this oil is so slick, it was blowing past the piston rings and suggested I switch to 'regular' Amsoil 10W-40, which I did. Since then, the oil loss has virtually stopped, although there is still some slight fluttering on hard acceleration.

I contacted Chris Crane at RPi, who recommends using Valvoline 20W-50 racing spec (non-synthetic) in their motors. He said that in most cases you may not have any problem with synthetics in Rover V8s because they are very forgiving motors with loose tolerances. However, they had had some problems with early cam wear in TVRs (sports cars running Rover V8s) using Mobile 1 -- apparently the problem is that the synthetics can be too slick/thin for the hydraulic lifters.

Anyway, I'm going to switch to Valvoline VR1 this week and see what the results are.



By Dee Cantrell (Disco_Dad) on Thursday, April 04, 2002


Chris Crane is a great Rover V8 engine resource for both his knowledge and parts. His site his www.RPiV8.com

Don't always go by the prices he has listed, call or email him, he is a really great person to deal with and I have picked his brains for years on Rover engine related questions.

As for my personal experience upgrades.

This can get $$ , I did this to my 88 RR I added a Piper Cam / Cloyes gear Set / Had the Heads rebuilt with oversize valves.

A fresh set of new or reman. injectors / A 8MM plug wire set, and not sure if you're a gems or non, but for the non, RPi has a rising rate upgraded fuel pressure regulator. Also I highly recommend the Optimax chip upgrade while we're shopping, a set of fresh cats and exhaust will always help.

I never got to Dyno mine, but RPi has all that data on record and many out there in the LR community have done the same upgrades.

I hope this helps you in your quest

By Dee on Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Call Chris Crane at RPi for what a HPO 5.0 and all the adapters run, and all the other modifications needed, and emissions BS, you might be safer and 'money ahead' going with his Turnkey 5.2 V8s

By Dee Cantrell (Disco_Dad) on Wednesday, June 19, 2002


Talk to Chris Crane @ http://www.v8engines.com, he has a 4.0 to 4.6 complete kit. He is honest and his prices relate to the high quality parts he sells in other words you get your $$$ worth from him.

Paul, you missed his intent TOWING the 4.0 is pretty much gutless there.


By Dee on Thursday, September 05, 2002

Chris Crane is a great guy to deal with, he may be on the high side of pricing, but with him you do get what you pay for. It's one of those things how fast can you afford to go.

If you're looking for a budget rebuild, he has that, also lots of MoD stuuf.

I had one of his built-up large valve 3.9s a few years ago with an Optimax Chip. It beat the s#*t out of the old tired 3.5. And way more power than my POS 4.0

His 5.2 upgrade is a Monster, Iwould like to see that go to a 6.0 some day then I'll buy it.

Hi Chris.

Re your suggestion that the fault is probably carb related.

You were right. It was, in fact, mechanic related, got another guy in and he retuned the carbs and they are now OK, what a lovely sound the V8 makes (my first). I am really grateful to you for taking the time to identify the problem for me, I know you're a busy man.

I will be in touch in the new year for LPG conversion and Mallory upgrade + A&R & Magnecor leads. Once again thank you and compliments of the season to you, your family and staff.

Kind regards Tony.

Dear Chris

I would like to congratulate you and all people of your company with Merry Christmas and wish you Happy New Year. Wish you to have more profitable business in New Year.

With the best regards from Russia

Nikolay Vinogradov. Chief of sales and tuning department.
e-mail: nikolay@citymotors.ru
Tel: +7-095-362-0849; 795-2556; 795-2457; fax: +7-095-362-8113

Thanks for replying so quickly,

Either you're very bored or incredibly dedicated to your customers. I think the latter! I would love to follow your advice, but unfortunately I live and work in Italy where they pay less than peanuts and expect more than monkeys working for them, also the pound is so strong that it makes everything a lot less affordable, although still cheaper than buying here. Maybe in the future I'll take you up on the offer but till then I just need to keep it cheap.

Thanks again and don't forget to read this month's issue of LRM as I think they will be printing my letter about you.

Regards Daren Uzzell lr671hpa@hotmail.com Italy

I´m the happy owner of a RR V8 '82.

It has a 3.9 cam, duplex chain, Mallory and a Weber 500 Edelbrock 1404 carb bought at RPI. I would now like to fit an Off-Road kit to the Weber, and have found a kit on the Edelbrock homepage: Off-Road Needles and Seats (pair) #1465. Is it possible to buy this kit from you, including shipment to Copenhagen, Denmark. I thank you in advance,

Frank R Denmark.

Dear Chris,
Many many thanks for the ever so quick replies you give. I have never experianced such good service from a company before. In fact before finding your advert in the LRM mag, being on page 148 this month I tried almost every advert in the previous 147 pages and got only one reply which was a 'sorry can't help you mate'. You are a godsend and if I weren't living in Italy I'd come and buy you a drink. Heck, if you're ever in my neck of the woods (North West Italy, west of Milan) I'll buy you a drink.

Daren U. Borgo Ticino Italy

Dear Lisa

Got the beast back, it IS very smooth. Installer has never seen a RR idle and run so smoothly before. I think he was having trouble believing his eyes and ears. Nice and clean, very driveable. Pretty much as expected i.e. not so quick as Weber in 2 door, feel the extra weight and don't get the same kick (and sound!) when the RPM has picked up. It is much more pleasant to use off-road as no more flame-outs. Expect with the extractors on and a bit of attention there's a tad more to come from this setup.

Faulconbridge Australia
Martin G

Dear Chris, I would like to say thanks for the excellent after sales service I received from RPi when I returned my short engine today due to a mark on the block face. Customers only find out how good a company is when you need to contact them with a problem, it's very refreshing to find [within the motor trade] a company like yours who care about their product and stand by warranties without quibble. A fellow V8 Manta Club member Jules Jones from Eastleigh, Hants. recommended RPi when I was looking to purchase the engine, I am very pleased I took his good advice and will have no hesitation in recommending R.P.I. to anyone looking to purchase. I shall also mention your good service in a letter to both the Opel Manta Owners Club and the V8 Manta register (two different clubs).

Thanks again Chris. Yours, Paul Holtom.

RR LWB w/ RPI 4.6L Phase 3 engine

Chris - Just wanted to follow up after receiving the engine and completing installation. Once the engine finally cleared customs 6 weeks ago (after they just sat on it and never even opened the box) the mechanic had a few challenges with installation. The most unusual was that the output of the crankshaft had a pin and the corresponding flywheel did not ... not sure what the resolution was with the local Rover dealership, but I wouldn't be surprised if a grinder or a drill was involved. The rest of the engine installation went just fine. Along the way the injectors were cleaned, I added Hedman headers (#39800) which are well constructed and cost around $120 plus $200 for a titanium finish ceramic coating. I love it when options cost more than the original part.
;^) Also had the lower intake manifold that you supplied port matched to the engine, upgraded to the Mallory unilite distributor and Jacobs Electronics ignition, mean green gear reduction starter, Tornado chip, plus all the other things you usually do when you have the engine out of the car for the first time in 7 years of life.

As for the engine ... I used the Crane cams break-in additive and Castrol straight 30wt oil. Initial burn in went perfect and after 20 minutes the car was ready for quick tour of the neighborhood. The engine runs fairly smooth at idle and appears to have a lot more power. I've been suffering with only partial throttle and a maximum of 3000 RPM until I get more miles on the engine and let the break-in finish. To date, I have 202 miles on the engine and drove it to work for the first time today.

Once I get a couple of thousand miles on it, I'll report back with the seat-of-the-pant-feel with the WOT test. ;^)

Also, I'd like to thank both you and Lisa for all of your help during the question and answer phase of the engine quest. You both were great and very responsive to my questions and made the ~$7K purchase from overseas completely manageable. Your company did a great job setting expectations and delivering on your promises and I have only positive things to say about the experience. I especially appreciate your willingness to build me a 'custom' engine (partway between long block and turn-key) and bundle all the parts so I wouldn't have to disassemble my current engine during the swap. I'll be happy to enthusiastically recommend RPi to my fellow Rover buddies.

Thanks again, Ron Story '95 RR LWB w/ RPI 4.6L Phase 3 engine

Dear Lisa

I have just taken delivery of the engine, it is all in order. I had no problems collecting it and the Bax Global rep was very good, he told me when it would clear customs and was right. All arrangements were perfect and simple and I would recommend them to anybody for shipping stuff. I will let you know of any further developments as we install the engine .

Thank you for all you help
John Bradshaw LJ

Chris, > You're bang on the money! Thank-you for the immediate attention, trust me it makes a difference this end! Please advise waybill info via e-mail once dispatched.

Jordan J (Canada)

Hello Lisa, Just to let you know that I received the goods yesterday and all was complete and in good order. Thanks and best regards, Vic Baran Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

Bologna 04 october 2000
Dear Lisa : I received the cyl. head rebuild kit you sent me this morning, I would like to thank you for your really fast service. Thanks again regards: Andrea Gordini

Hi Chris,
The engine I bought from you is great (4.6, stage 3). My car is running like compressed air. In a few days I will send you two photos about engine and car (MG).

Thank you.

This is Julian King from Durban, South Africa. You have a fantastic website----

Dear Chris/Lisa.
Julian King here. Just a word of thanks for your efficiency in processing my order. All arrived safely while I was in London and was brought home as hand luggage.Gave myself a hernia and a Customs Officer a bit of a fright when he saw this long metal object on his screen! Happily, he knew what a camshaft was for when he inspected it, but the pressure regulator threw him a little. I am passing the info I got from your website to a friend who does a fair amount of Landrover work for others as a sideline. I trust he finds it as useful as I did.

Nice to do business with you.

Dear Lisa, thank you for the prompt and helpful way that you attended to our order. We look forward to dealing with you again.

Regards, John.
Thanks, John Roper, Vintage Sporting Cars,
Louisiana, USA,

Hi Chris, Some months ago, I had the good fortune to let your guys have a 4.6 bottom end to build up for me. Piper cam, new timing chain, mains, etc. with stage 1 heads and a weber carb. Well it was installed into my Land Rover lightweight hybrid without too many problems (none of RPi's making) and away I went, happy as Larry.

Until recently. I decided that perhaps there should be a little more performance available so I checked the carb. Oh, it was only opening about three quarters. After some drilling and re-doing the throttle cable connections, I now find that not only do I have more power on the primary chokes (surprise, surprise) but now the secondary chokes actually come in too. Before, I was as happy as Larry, whoever he may be, NOW, I'm even happier. The down side of course, is the fuel consumption has taken a turn for the worse. I must stop using the performance quite so much! The bottom line is, thanks for the motor, your guys did me proud!
The local GTi brigade are less than happy with the 'old' Land Rover that leaves them at the lights though.

Thanks again,

Alan Hodgson

Chris, Today I ordered the RP4 cam kit you recommended to me. Again I want to thank you and your team for the information and explanations I was given.
There is no doubt that if my engine upgrade and the parts reliability are of the same level as your availability and your good commercial know-how, I will be fully satisfied.

Best Regards.
Jean Marc

Hi Chris

I have to say that the phone call to you the other day was the best money I've ever spent. Following your suggestion I pinched a timing gun, had a look at the ignition timing on the weekend and discovered the problem. The cloth-eared pillock who set it up for me before had the damn thing set to 2degrees AFTER top dead not 2deg before as Rover recommend. As the saying goes, if you want something done properly do it yourself.

Many thanks for your help. I really appreciate it and if that is the improvement gained with just a phone call I can't wait to see what your hardware can do!!

Best regards
Stephen. (Falklands Islands)

Dear Lisa, Re: Balance Resistor - received. That was quick and very apprecieated. Many thanks Andrew Zenon

Hello, Chris and Lisa, The parts I ordered are already here! Very good service indeed! Thanks again! Matthijs Meulenbelt

Don't hesitate. Take it up to Chris at RPi and get him to sort it out and then send the bill to the original garage. At least that way it will be sorted and you will have a usable vehicle. I had similar problems reently with my local Landrover garage, Brooklyns. They fitted a new engine for me which I had bought from RPi and carried out some other work. The first problem, when I eventually got the Rover back was that they sent me out with the drain plug to the gearbox so loose all the oil had drained out. After taking the car backwards and forwards to them over the next few weeks I came to the conclusion that they were incapable of sorting out even the simple things like oil leaks (this was a brand new engine), connecting the coil, ballast resistor, reconnecting the vacuum to the diff lock etc. etc. So I took it to RPi. Half a day's work later it was a different vehicle, oil leaks sorted, one or two dangerous items put right and the engine properly tuned.
I am still thinking about suing Brooklyns but at least I now have a working vehicle. RPi are a long way away from almost anywhere (Norwich) but I have not found anyone else that knows V8s in the way that Chris does. I also got him to fit a gas conversion which I am pleased with and which made the journey to him worthwhile.
Good luck!

Malcolm Woodruff
B790 PKV 1984 CSW V8 Brown and cream

Hi Lisa, The parcel arrived safe and sound this morning, excellent service from yourselves and the mailperson! Regards Graham

Thanks for a great web site, and friendly service when I was there recently. It was well worth the drive from Cornwall.

Best regards,
Ron Skingley

Thanks Chris.

Dear All
Thanks very much for all of your help which I got free of charge. Your back up service is second to none. Thanks especially to the girls on the end of the phone, Steve for all his advice on setting up the Leonardo and Chris for running such a great company.
I believe success is gauranteed for you in the future if you continue running it as you do and with such a committed team.
Many many thanks
Rob A.

Can you beleive this :-))



How can you top that !!

Another favorite comment!
Some people like to listen to music while they work ... Me? Now I've been on your site, I just work with the sound of your V8 in the background. DD.

Hi Chris
Further to our brief chat on Thursday, I'm just putting "pen to paper" (in an email!?) to say how pleased I am with the work done on my old Discovery last Tuesday.
Despite all the hassle of getting there (350 miles) and the expense of parts and labour - I am sure it has been worth the journey and the money. Arriving (courtesy of the AA) with a vehicle that would neither run on lpg or on petrol, Steve worked for several hours to solve the problems and leave me with a vehicle that is running better than ever.
Now it starts with just a turn of the key in the morning; goes up the road to work without a stutter or stall and runs sweetly on petrol or lpg.

There's no doubt that RPi's expertise with V8s and their conversion to LPG is unique. Thanks again to Steve and, by the way, a steady supply of coffee from your team - never mind the Cadbury's Creme Egg and the cheese toastie! Best wishes Robin Davies Carmarthen West Wales

Chris Entered your site address and left the room for a few minutes - heard the V8 sound from the kitchen. Wife (working quietly next to PC) was frightened to death. Suggest you have a link button on every page labelled 'play that sound again'. Shame it disappears when you enter the site. Love it!

Another favorite Web Site comment.!!
I have to say I think your site is superb, working in communications I come across a lot of sites and get constantly frustrated at poor design, speed and navigation but you've done a great job. It really gives your company a great professional and meticulous image with obvious pride in your work ... and that's before anyone even gets to the engineering side.

Rpi congratulations on the website
It's the best I have seen, and believe me I have seen hundreds in the last week, even a non-mechanic like me could understand what you were getting at with regard to condition of ignition system for LPG, hence the upgrade to Mallory dual point and magnicor leads if I ever get it to you.
Kind regards Tony

First of all, congratulations on an extremely informative Website. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the various sections which have caused me to run back and forward from the computer to my vehicle outside to check different things so as to make up my mind about what may be wrong.
Bruce Forbes Zambia.

Firstly may I congratulate you on a fantastic website - I found it invaluable when recently rebuilding my 3.5 V8 after a rebore etc and the camshaft kit you supplied has worked wonders.

Kind Regards

Just to say thanks for your brilliant service
I ordered my Magnecor leads by e-mail from you on Friday and I was fitting them by midday Saturday!
Pity more companies don't function like you.
Thanks again, Stuart Nussey

I own a 1994 DISCO that is getting tired with 104,000 miles. Your website was (is) fantastic, and has given me tons of ideas on how to 'replenish' my vehicle.
A Future customer,

Dear Sirs, First of all, I would congratulate your company for having so good a website! A lot of useful info.
Alban Bernier Belguim

First of all I've never come across a web site that's got so much info on V8 Land Rover Engines. I take my hat of to you guys. No one in Australia can match it.

IT Support Manager : QLD Australia
First of all I must comment on your website overall, it is very well put together and for a newcomer like me it supplies all the useful information I need on V8s etc.

Stuart Brown, West Midlands

WONDERFUL web site. Why haven't I visited it in 11 years of RR ownership? Keep it up.
Regards, Bill Goodan USA 90RR

Thanks for a great web site, and friendly service when I was there recently. It was well worth the drive from Cornwall.
Best regards,
Ron Skingley
Halvana Thanks Chris.

Dear Chris
Well done for an outstanding website. I am a longstanding fan of all things (Rover) V8, but have only recently acquired my first and am therefore on a steep learning curve! Your informative site has already proved incredibly useful.
Henry, London

Your homepage is very good (ask my wife if I spend time in front of it) I must say, that you are 'miles ahead' of most people in the UK. When it comes to MGs and V8s - I don't think anybody else is on the net.

"Nils Rasmussen"

Hello Chris,
My name is Alan I'm from Western Australia. I have just stumbled across your web page, and I must say it's the best thing I've come across since I bought my 1984 5 speed box Phase 2 Range Rover.

Dear Chris:
First of all I have to congratulate you for your excellent Web site. It is very descriptive and informative.

Winston Frontado

Hello, Chris and Lisa, The parts I ordered are already here! Very good service indeed!

Thanks again!
Matthijs Meulenbelt

Dear RPI
I have just visited your fantastic site. It seems that there is very little about the V8 that you don't know!!

Dear Chris,
Firstly, let me congratulate you on such a wonderful web site.
My name is Femi Young and I live in West Africa. I currently drive a 1992 Range Rover Classic V8 Petrol. For the last 4 weeks, I have been having a problem on the vehicle and unfortunately, there are no competent service centres.locally
THANK YOU Femi Young

Dear Sirs,
First of all many congratulations for having what must be the most informative website that I have ever come across.
Just the kind of useful information that I always seek when visiting a website but rarely find. My reason for looking you up is that I plan to fit a Rover V8 engine into a kit-car that I am building.
Many thanks Brian O'Connor

I have looked and in the process enjoyed your site and its various links. Thank you for an altogether pleasant experience.
Thank you, Darius A. Gray (USA)

I have read your very informative website - thank you for producing a site with so much information.
I live in Malaysia

Hi Chris, what a truly amazing website you have constructed, just brilliant.
David Shiers

After viewing your website (excellent site by the way!) I would like to place an order for a 4.6 turnkey engine (Webber 500 and Mallory etc

Great web site guys,
looks good. However, the in-text links in the FAQ page give 'not found' messages. Oops! forgot the page reference, it's http://www.v8engines.com/faq-conv.htm
Cheers David Read
South Australia VKS 737 - Sierra 81

haven't seen ya for a while, been travelling around trying to earn a simple crust!!
Just checked out ya site and quite frankly it is the biggest piece of poo I have seen for a long time,

not really,
it is the bollox knowing you, though I bet you feel it can be improved?


Hello there,
you folks have a very nice and informative website! Which is why I am going to ask you a lot of questions. First ...

Hello Chris, thanks for informatiom, and compliments for your new web.

Hi - Nice Pages - have they recently been redesigned ? I'm after some info on the Edelbrock/Weber combination.

Martin Crute
PS. Congratulations on an excellent web page, which is without doubt the best of its kind.

I am very impressed by your website,

David Jackson

With great interest I have browsed through your magnificent WWB (World Wide Brochure) I own an 'Australian' County 110-1985 model. V8/3.5 litre

Jack Roskam

I stumbled upon your website - very good stuff by the way.
Pete (France)

It was a great pleasure to peruse your Website as much useful information was gleaned here. I will proceed with a description of the engine trouble at hand.
Ulf Petri Sarasota, USA

Thank you for an excellent Web site

Ian Brink (Zambia)

Feedback on our 4.6 litre engines.

Hi Chris, I'm Bart Callens from Tunisia. I must say the 4.6 you delivered to me summer for my Defender 90 is great. I don't regret I took the 4.6 instead of the 3.9. in my Defender 90 4.6 EFI (with tornado chip)

Racing 4.6 Range Rover in Barbados

Hi Chris, just a short note from down here in the land of eternal sunshine and coconuts with rum in them. My 4.6 that you built for me two years ago is still going strong. By the way, I am wheeling a fully rebuilt 1972 Range Rover and it goes like a bat out of the tropics.
Marc Ward. Barbados

Hi Chris, Some months ago, I had the good fortune to let your guys have a 4.6 bottom end to build up for me. Piper cam, new timing chain, mains, etc. with stage 1 heads and a weber carb.
Well it was installed into my Landrover lightweight hybrid
Before, I was as happy as Larry, whoever he may be, NOW, I'm even happier. The down side of course, is the fuel consumption has taken a turn for the worse. I must stop using the performance quite so much!. The bottom line is, thanks for the motor, your guys did me proud! The local GTi brigade are less than happy with the 'old' Landrover that leaves them at the lights though.
Thanks again, Alan Hodgson. U.K.

I installed the new engine about 2.5 weeks ago. The difference between the 4.2 and 4.6 is like night and day, granted the 4.2 was pretty tired and neglected by the previous owner.
The engine has a very smooth idle yet the torque band is much broader thanks to the RPi/Piper cam. Off-line acceleration is fantastic and it feels like the engine will continue to pull until it runs out of road. I haven't done a 0 to 60 test, but it is on my list. The Headman headers have not been installed as of yet, I needed to make sure everything was good to go.
Even with all the performance upgrades, the 4.6 passed our smog test with flying colors. We thought it might run a little too lean due to the stock computer, however, according to the high RPM part of the smog test the CO and HC are right on the mark though I am still thinking about the chip upgrade. A quick rundown of the items I purchased from RPi is as follows: 4.6 short block Performance cam and timing kit, Head rebuild kit with Stage 3 valves, used rocker assembly, one set of valve keepers, Headers, not installed as of yet, and Gaskets. Items completed out here: All new valve seats installed with 3 angle grind Distributor re-curved Intake trumpets shortened and polished High performance 8mm ignition cables Let me know if this is an option.
Sincere regards,

David Golumbic USA

Chris, The 4.6 Stage III we put into the 1995 NAS Defender 90 Station Wagon now has plenty of break-in miles on it, and we took it to the track today. Stock 3.9 in this 90 ran 12.5 seconds 0-60 The 4.6 ran a best time of 7.78 seconds 0-60 this morning! Wow!
Owner of the D90 with the 4.6 called today to say how much he loved the truck, Said he towed his 26' boat home in 5th gear at about 85 mph, and could never tow the boat over 4th gear before. We have decided to keep ECR on the upper end of the RPi scale, so we will only be working with 4.6s and other performance mods, and some 3.9s. and will continue to do high end engines with you for a long time to come I think.
Mike. ECR Main USA.

Hi Chris, the engine I bought from you is great (4.6, stage 3). My car is running like compressed air. In a few days I will send you two photos of engine and car (MG). Thank you. Regards
Juergen. Germany

Hope all is well. We had our first nice spring days yesterday and today. I took 4.6 Moggie (Morgan) to the airfield and winched up my paraglider for the first flight of the year. Fantastic thermal conditions so I climbed rapidly to over 6000 ft and went away with the winds. Landed far away from home near a petrol station. Got a hike with two nice girls back to the field. Invited the nicest to a racy/tourqy tour in Moggie and it ended up with a successful date thanks to the enormous RPi 4.6 power ... (even all other Mog-friends are impressed). The engine performs perfectly. The oil now stays clean as syrup with no consumption and I feel the engine has started to loose up. Lovely!
Ulf Bergers (Sweden)

Customer comments section, eBay stores

Dear Chris and Ian
just wanted to send an update on my recent purchace of the toranado chip, now thatI have put a few hundred miles on my MGBV8 the verdict is in. And I am pleased to say that the results are wonderful.It has transformed the car into a pleasure to drive and noticeable differances include running leaner, better fuel milage, rock steady idle at 800 RPM ,and with out hanging up when coming to a stop.Also power band has increased and no more anoying speed limiting device,it is every thing you advertised it to be. With the current exchange rate being what it is, you know I was a bit apprahensive to spend that much money, but am pleased to say it was worth every penney.Thanks again for your help, Yours truly Jimmy D.

Dear Partsrange, After the outsatanding service after purchasing the Crank rebuild kit on and Piston rings on Thursday of last week I have come back for more.

Kind regards Iain

Hi Paul (and all the others at RPI)

I got my engines yesterday and they were well packed up. They all came in in excellent order and everything was there as I ordered.

Thenks for excellent service now and when I bought a turnkey engine from you in june 2003.

That engine works perfect, but I still have some work to do on the car ( a Rover P6). With the new engine (4.6 stage 3, piper 285) the car became totally different to drive and much more powerful.
And now I have finally managed to get a hand on an autobox that handles the torque and power from the engine, a four speed ZF from a ambulance. I'll might rebuild from ZF4HP22 to ZF4HP24 which should be about 30% stronger. I have been a little worried about the BW 65 that is in the car now.

Send my best regards to Lisa, Chris, Holly etc. and say that I am very satisfied with the service.

Thanks and best regards from
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Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

Your Kind comments are always appreciated 'Thanks'

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Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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