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The Westfield & other 7's
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This is a very fine Westfield.

Westfiled 4.6

All the way from Germany. It was converted from 3.5 to 4.6 and its performance was transformed. Indeed, it was 'Stunning', but when you have so much, you just want more.
Destined for a stage 3 upgrade, you can see the customer's comments at the foot of this page.

While upgrading this car we discovered some very important facts about how to easily make The Westfield really perform.

Some issues that you can easily improve on.

{short description of image}

Using a std, Land Rover Discovery chip (fuel map) in a 700 Kilo Car, won't help things, the Optimax or Tornado are a must.

Oh that Westfiled air filter box, It's gotta go.

Westfield Air filter box.

This picture, may look 'Cryptic', but, we will have more to say on the subject soon.

Underthe modded plenum

Let's just say the plenum mods could have been done better, you can find more, on this subject on these pages.

Details Of the above. will be included on our latest 4.0 Westfield, Stage 3 upgrade, to be added to these pages soon.
Believe, me the performance enhancement will be breathtaking. Check back very soon.

Visit our Westfield 'Picture Gallery' (Click here)

After all, I have gone to all the effort.:-))

Formula F27.

Not a Westfield, but it has its advantages.
F27 Formula 27 F27
This fine looking vehicle is not actually a Westfield, it is an F27 and is a very affordable option, built properly it can offer just as much pleasure.
This particular F27 was built by its owner using many quality RPi engine components and was brought over for final tuning and adjustemts. This proved very worthwile indeed as a few problems became apparent with the cooling and lubrication system and we managed to find 25 -30% more power in steeing and configuring it properly.

Westfield 4.3. V8
westfield westfield westfield seight
This 4.3 Westfield is yet another one no one else could help. From whence it came it had spent many hours on the Rollers for testing, and in workshops trying to find the problem. It produced a very useful 255bhp on the Rolling Road and seemed perfect. However, when driven on the road, the engine was always very flat & powerless, and on acceleration from speed would not pull at all. As you can imagine, this baffled not only all the engine tuners who had tried, but the owner too.
The power was perfect on the rollers, yet on the road 80mph was almost impossible to achieve.

Within seconds of it arriving, we noticed the Webber was fitted incorrectly (it was on the wrong way round). This caused fuel starvation when accelerating from speed and of course would not have been picked up on a rolling road test.
At RPi we don't need rolling roads. Like a good piano tuner doesn't need a tuning fork.
Well it's fixed now, it goes like a bat out of hell and the customer is one more happy chappie. The reason it showed good on the rollers is that there is no inertia when testing a car this way. Yet, on the road, it was completely starved of fuel under acceleration.
All in all we had many very happy Westfield owners this week.

Westfield 3.9 with factory spec Engine
westfield efi modifications
The 3.9 Injection factory built/fitted engine (and how to make it work properly)
This superb looking Westfield had spent the last year or so with its owner wondering why that engine would not run smoothly and why it was lacking a great deal of power and efficiency. It's got a superbly built 3.9 EFi, but seemed miles from what should be expected. As always, we try our best by phone to help, but after many phone calls and busy spanners, the owner decided to do the right thing ... he brought it in for us to look at for him.

It did not take long to see that the EFi Air Flow meter and filter was mounted incorrectly (a factory compromise to get it under the hood). This was remedied by the direct air feed to the plenum, seen above.
The distributor was also lacking good spark quality and was replaced with a Mallory distributor. Once fitted, the car began to show its true performance. It was now possible to light the back wheels easily in 1st and 2nd, it would pull 5th gear all the way from 400rpm to an easy top end well above 140mph, and throttle response was instant, with a far smoother idle.

You can see more on this subject on the next page. In this Westfield section.

Customers Comments

hi Chris,
Just an update from my visit to RPi on the 23-27th of July in my Yellow Westfield Seight. Well, after driving the car now for about 2 years after building it and never being totally happy with the way the engine has run, and after being given all types of useless info from other people, my Westfield is now amazing to drive. After my visit to RPi, the engine has never been better, with smooth running even at 20mph in fifth, and pulls all the way to 100mph+ with masses of power available in every gear. The transformation was amazing and it feels like a totally different engine, the drive home to Cleveland was great with the Westfield blasting down the road and the roar from the exhausts as the accelerator hits the deck was what made it all worthwhile (4 years from start to finish), and we made the trip in 4 hours dead.
So after nearly 4 years from starting the dream of owning a Westfield and 2 years trying to get the Westfield to run properly, I can say that the car is now finally finished and I can now start to enjoy the driving experience from her.
Thanks to everyone at RPi for all your help, and I well send anyone who needs help in your direction. Thanks again
Scott Richmond

RPi Here is some feed back that you can put on your site if you wish, regarding the upgrade of my 3.5 Westfield:
When arriving at RPI and discussing my requirements with Chris, he told me something very basic. 'If you stick a 3.5 V8 in a car the size and weight of a Westfield, undoubtedly it will be quick. This, however, does not mean that all is well.' The whole purpose of what I was trying to achieve was to spark some life into the lump beneath the bonnet. I knew it had potential, however, it seemed to lack that certain 'Turn the passenger white as a sheet' effect that I was looking for. As I'm not mechanically minded I was quite impressed with the experience and knowledge of the whole team at RPI, and let them do what they do best... Sort it out... And they Did!
I am still not convinced it is actually the same engine that's in my car. The difference is THAT dramatic. Where have the flat spots gone?? As well as the performance it also looks the part. The new rockers and plumbing, although relatively inexpensive, do make a big difference to the whole appearance of the engine.
The 2 hour drive home was fairly uneventful (apologies to the mini driver on the A11), but that was down to over zealous driving more than anything else (can you blame me), and my fan sticking on the housing (an old problem) gave me some grief about 20min into the journey but soon sorted that out.
I asked for power, I got power, if I had asked for it to fly I'm sure they would have stuck a set of wings on.
On a serious note, I now have the car I thought I was buying in the first place... and am I happy... what do you think!
Thanks again, Stephen

Dear Chris, sorry for not mailing such a long time but I was very busy, and also for a few weeks ill, but now I´m ok. Your Westfield section is very good information for all WESTFIELD drivers.
Please excuse that I can`t write in my bad English about the conversion you have done for me. I hope your German mechanic will translate it for you.

Der Umbau von 3.9 zu 4.6. wurde durch RPI absolut profesionel durchgeführt. Ich habe sofort bemerkt, daß hier Leute mit sehr viel Erfahrung arbeiten, so wie sie auf dem Kontinent nicht in Verbindung mit dem ROVER V Motor zu finden sind. Das lästige Ruckeln im Schiebebetrieb wurde genauso behoben, wie auch der vorher hohe Benzinverbrauch nach dem Umbau verschwunden war. Der 4.6 Motor hat einen wesentlich besseren Durchzug und hängt durch den gleichzeitig von RPI montierten K&N Filter auch viel besser am Gas. Chris Crane und seine Leute sind für mich die absoluten Spezialisten in Europa für den ROVER V 8. Yes I would like to have the disc with the pictures you have done.

Translation: [The reconstruction from 3.9 to 4.6. became through RPi absolutely professional. I noted immediately, here were people with very much experience, so how are they not to be found on the continent in connection with the ROVER V8 motor? They removed the jerk in the hill climbing just as also they had reduced previously high gasoline consumption after the reconstruction. The 4.6 motor has a substantially better drive and is simultaneously also much better at the gas. Chris Crane and his people are for me the absolute specialists in Europe for the ROVER V 8.]

Chris I´m looking for a new and better (carbon?) plenum chamber for the WESTFIELD, can you offer me one? I hope I will see you in 2000 again to talk about the engine (show you my new air-box and exhaust system) and perhaps about new stage 2 (3?) heads. I will come with a small group of German Seven owners to the Stoneleigh Kit-Car show in May (1–2.May Bank Holiday) happy motoring, Jochen

You can get a translation here.,

"No" its not all over yet, we have another page or two on Westields, and more coming
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