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Carburetion Information for Weber 500, SU & Holley.

V8 Weber, the best option by far
Price & Service Promise
Installation and set-up details
Holley Carbs (Why not)
Vehicle variants & fitting Issues
Customer comments
Weber FAQ Section

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See many Weber-powered vehicles on our project pages.
Initial Purchase, Fitting & Set-Up
Differences and Workings
Weber FAQ Page
Weber 500

The best option by far

The new Weber 500 and Edelbrock Dual Plane carburettor kit are so popular that Weber won't supply us any more (actually they doubled the price) but Don't Worry, we have hundreds more. These carburettors are so good, even Holley are wondering what has stemmed the imports of their 390 Carbs (well we know why :-)
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Includes Weber 4-barrel carburettor, Edelbrock or Offenhauser performance dual-plane Manifold, 14in Chrome air cleaner, and fittings ready to bolt on to your V8. Includes throttle linkages, gaskets and all fittings

Complete Systems - All models From only £POA

weber carb

Weber/Edlebrock 500
Price and Full Kit options

Complete Kit with Edelbrock manifold
2wd £ POA. 4wd £ POA
Complete Kit with Offenhauser manifold
2wd £ POA. 4wd £ POA

The Weber 500 Carb. and Manifold account for just £650.00 of this total kit price (and can be sold individually). We do, however, prefer to supply the Weber 500 Kit with over £200.00 worth of essential fittings (discounted in the kit price) which would be required to cover almost all vehicle applications fully. This we believe is very important so the job can be seen through to its completion with a minimum of problems and the best possible performance achieved.

Individual parts prices correct as of Jan 2006
(trade enquiries welcome)

Weber 500 Carb only £POA
Weber 500 carb & Edelbrock manifold only £POA
Weber 500 Carb Offenhauser (lowest) Manifold only £POA

14 inch chrome Air Cleaner assembly £POA
or Supplied with additional KN. Filter add **£POA

All engine gaskets as required £POA

Throttle and choke cables and linkage kit (universal) £POA

Special Thermostat housing £POA (2wd)
or £POA (4wd) (please specify)
Plumbing and breather Hoses etc. £POA

Jetted individually to suit your engine add £POA (or jetting kit supplied for £POA)

For Auto Transmission you will need to contact us as there are various transmission options, but the kick down linkage we have is £POA. All prices are export and do not include local Tax/VAT.

All prices above assume individual purchase, and their individual costs are discounted in the price stated above for a complete kit.
To get the total cost of what you want, it must be based on the individual components as listed at the price they are stated, or the complete Kit price. Optional further upgrades marked** would not be supplied with the Std Kit, but considered an upgrade and would only therefore be supplied with the kit at the additional cost indicated.

Price & Service Promise

. When considering this comprehensive 'RPI / Weber Kit price'. please also consider, that we include all the parts you need to ensure the installation is complete. And all the information you need. Further advice & support is available on our V8 information pages and via our excellent E-mail support.

When our buying power increases, we pass on the savings to you. The Weber system offers the ultimate carburettor option for all Rover V8 engines, from 3.5 to 4.8 Litre, I would not choose or recommend any other 'medium priced' carburettor option for the non-injected Rover V8 Engine as a result of our continuing satisfaction with the Weber 500 carburettor system.

{short description of image} Weber 500 MG & Weber

This Weber / Edelbrock Carburetion set up is suitable for all V8s and adds not only Increased horse power, torque and efficiency but looks good adorning the bonnet compartment of any Classic V8 Kit Car or Range / Land Rover Etc.

Installation and set up details

Problems with Setting up

Q. I'm trying to fit the carburettor to the manifold but have only got THREE bolts and there are FOUR places to fit bolts, am I missing a Bolt?
A. No The kit comes with THREE bolts because the Throttle cable goes in the FOURTH bolt hole.

Full Component list

Ease of fitting and trouble free maintenance

Although being very simple to install, and just as simple for setting up on almost all engine capacities, it just simply delivers the goods without the problems of other systems. The Weber can be easily optimized to your individual requirements, even for fine tuning. The metering jets can be changed very easily as they are located just beneath the air cleaner element, and all changes can be made in seconds rather than hours. But most importantly, with no fuel spillage causing a possible fire risk and damage to your engines paint and appearance.

Limited V8. carburettor Options

The only affordable upgrade carb option has been for many years the Holley 390cfm. This carburettor has been used on all capacity Rover V8s, and with fine tuning can provide good fueling and power for the V8 engine up to 3.9 Litre.
However, the problems have always been that it is too large (390cfm) for part throttle economy/torque, and too small for more serious top end power gains, especially on larger capacity Engines. So unless you are into drag racing our advice would be to forget it.

It's better Off Road

Unlike the Weber the Holley float bowls are mounted both in front and behind the carburettor, causing fuel starvation and fuel flooding problems when off roading on steeper inclines. The Weber's float bowls are either side of the carburettor, completely alleviating the problem.

We have already done a great deal of competition & off-Roading (trailing) with the Weber and have found no fuel starvation or flooding problems when operating on steep inclines or with fast cornering.

Ease of Jetting and set up

To re-jet the Holley (Normally essential) it is required to remove the primary & secondary float bowls (plus two hours removing the glued on gaskets) and another two mopping up all the petrol that has spilled onto the intake manifold (does wonders for new paintwork). The primary side is easy enough to re-jet, but in most cases is fine as standard. However, to re-jet the secondaries, it is first necessary to purchase a 'Metering Plate' which replaces the standard item between the carb and secondary float chamber and allows the fitting of various jet sizes. Because the Holley is vacuum-only secondary activation, a great deal of fuel is wasted in high-load driving situations, where engine vacuum would activate the secondaries even though not required.

The Weber overcomes this problem by making the secondaries both vacuum and mechanically operated This means that if your foot is not on the floor, you wont be wasting fuel or engine power, in fact the torque gains on part throttle with the Weber carburettor are quite amazing, as is the cruise fuel economy. When set up properly it is not unusual for this system to surpass that of Fuel Injection, and it's certainly a lot less trouble.

Correct Jetting (it's so simple)

The Weber 500 can be re-jetted in minutes through the top. It has an adjustable power valve so no need to buy up-rated ones. It can use the same manifolds, filters and linkages as your existing Holley. You will never regret the upgrade (or your money back).

Although we will advise that the Weber 4-barrel can be used on almost any capacity without changing its basic set up, it is always possible to further improve things, although this only becomes more sensible on Engines above 3.9 lit. capacity. However, again, don't panic, because chances are we know just the jet that is best for your bigger engine first time.

Why the need for an additional Thermostat housing?

The re-use of the std thermostat housing does not allow the water pipe from the rear of the water pump to enter the intake manifold (on some original Rover intakes it appears to go underneath but it actually opens up into the manifold in the centre - different models can vary). Rover have always had this water bypass, which allows a smaller quantity of water to circulate even when the thermostat is closed. The Kit as supplied by Weber merely blanks off the pipe and does not allow this method. However, if we supply you with our special thermostat housing, this has the correct hose connection to pass water into the Edelbrock intake manifold and is correct for its original design.

Is the Weber better than twin Carbs?

Twin 'SU' and 'Stromberg' Carb System are becoming very difficult to supply or recondition effectively due to them becoming more of a Classic method of fuelling, and
they are no longer produced for production vehicles.
Indeed the best carb on the market is the Weber 4-barrel. This system has been used by us for many years now. Economy is vastly improved whilst dramatically increasing engine torque and efficiency, the net gains can be as much as 30bhp. But most noticeable is the instant throttle response that is otherwise lacking in twin carb systems.


Holley Carburetion

Well Someone might still want one!

Actually they didn't, so we have withdrawn the information on Holleys as most people seem to have voted with their feet, and no longer consider this as an option.
If you already have a Holley, there is one good point, The Weber 500 will fit its existing manifold etc so this would reduce the cost of the conversion.

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Vehicle variants & fitting Issues.

Weber & the Rover P6 Model

It has come to our attention, that the Rover P6, at least, has a mechanical throttle linkage.
The Auto kick down linkage is easily adapted to do the job of the throttle cable supplied with the kit.
(This means if you have a Rover P6 you wont be needing the Universal throttle Cable but you may need this additional linkage instead).
Adapted Auto Linkage
P5 & P6 Throttle linkage

If you have anything to add to this section with details of your own vehicles issues when fitting the Weber, we would be happy to add your comments and information to this page.

Weber 500 Customer Comments

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Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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