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Injection intake system upgrades 
Carbon Fibre products

Carbon fibre trumpets, 48mm
ACT Carbon Fibre Plenum Benefits:

  • Larger capacity/greater volume giving better air distribution to trumpets.
  • More space for bigger trumpets
  • Better shape for increased air flow
  • The plenum stays cooler, carbon fibre does not conduct heat like aluminium.
  • Looks and sounds 'the part'. Available with practically any size of throttle body to suit your needs, 65mm for most road applications, up to 4.6 litre 71mm 4.6 litre and over 74mm and 78mm only suitable for race spec engines as throttle response can be aggressive. Power and torque increase is normally seen in the mid range except race engines where peak bhp can also be increased.
  •  Above you can see the ported intake & the Carbon Fibre 48mm Trumpets. 

    Carbon Fibre components.

    Trumpet base for the ultimate in engine breathing. Why is Carbon fibre better than aluminium? Because better and more consistent shapes can be achieved. Take the trumpet base with aluminium spun trumpets, the flared end is sudden with no taper which is fine for standard applications but where ultimate power is important Carbon fibre is the only way to go.
    Because of the moulding technique, each trumpet is identical, with a perfect shape and taper. We have produced a kit for RPi comprising a large flared carbon fibre trumpet set that will fit onto a standard manifold, with an ECU chip ideal for 3.5–4.0 litre engines. The result is more power and torque at the top end and less than an hour to fit!

    Single Plenum

    The Carbon Fibre Plenum

    The Carbon Fibre Westfield Plenum (Seen in the right picture)

    (Message from Tim)
    This unit was produced as a result of pressure from a friend of mine Chris Crane of RPi Engineering. It wasn't until he showed me the original unit that I realised the potential for a new product. It has been a major success.

    The improved breathing has resulted in a very healthy increase in torque as well as bhp (up to 20 bhp increase over standard plenum), even compared to a 'group A' Twin Plenum, it produces more torque!
    I think you will agree that it 'looks the part' too. It has been fitted to engines up to 350 bhp, it is also well suited to the standard or slightly modified Westfield unit. It has been designed and manufactured by ACT. RPI is the official retailer and carries stock.

    Twin Throttle Bodies

    Why Carbon Fibre Intakes

    Less heat soak, stronger than aluminium, lighter than aluminium and aesthetically the
    best looking intakes on the market, how many highly expensive V8's look just like a Range Rover engine when you open up the bonnet Carbon intakes not only allow for fitting much larger throttle bodies but also allow for increased intake trumpet sizes too, due to the unique shape and design thus achieving an enhanced level of both Bhp and torque unrivalled by any stock system or intake upgrade. Less heat soak from engine (achieving cooler intake temp) further enhancing engine power plus allowing, with the air-box adapter, many variations of positioning the air flow meter into your engine bay. The ability to fit multi throttle bodies, this not only gives instantaneous and immense throttle response like a modern sports motorcycle, it also has to be the best looking engine intake system ever devised for the Rover V8. Just take a look at this new Marcos TS500 who would pay 40 grand for this with a range rover looking engine. !!!

    The Triple Throttle Bodies

    Morgan Motors, may have discontinued the 'Plus 8'!
    We, however!. have only just begun to Re-Create it' .

    Witness the first evolution,
    Our 5.0 Litre 300bhp street-happy Plus 8. (lesser variants available for the more sane amongst us) !!.
    The Challenge.
    This amazing 2002 Model V8 Morgan, had only 2000 (ish) miles on the clock when, its respected owner decided, he must have 'more power'. Initial instincts provided, that this was to be quite simple to achieve knowing our trusted & proven programme of chipping, ignition and a mild induction upgrades, the problem is, he wanted 300Bhp yes 300 bhp for a plus 8.!
    The obvious solution
    Initially we had no problem with this concept as our finest 5 Litre V8 is well capable of this power level, however our remit was to keep it street friendly, with emissions that would pass even the most stringent of emissions tests and a steady idle at below 800rpm So, the 5.0 was built with an appropriate up rated but still mild mannered camshaft, the heads where taken beyond stage 3 level and the stock intake and exhaust system was port matched and mildly flowed. the 5.0 is already fully balanced and blueprinted so this was going to be the engine to get the goods.
    Making sure of all things
    In addition and as would be expected, the engine was also further complimented with Magnecore plug wires plus the K&N free flow Air filter was installed. The result was immense, the engine pulled from nothing, with over 310ft/lb torque at only 2000rpm, remaining available all the way through to 4800 rpm, peaking at near 400ft/lb.

    Triple Throttle Bodies Prices

    Ported Intake manifold
    Triple throttle carbon fibre plenum
    New wide trumpet base with 45mm
    Triple throttle air box carbon fibre
    Throttle potentiometer


    Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
    Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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