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Polybush Suspension
v8 engine Introduction
Polybush Classic
Polybush Comfort
The benefits that Polybush offers...

Polybushes all started when Engineer Roy Higgins got fed up with changing standard bushes on the land Rovers he was responsible for in the harsh environment of Africa. The first step came with the design of a special tool to remove the old bushes aptly named BUSHWAKA. Today the extended range of Bushwaka specialist tools are sold and used throughout the world.

polybush polybush polybush

Having solved the problem of removing the old bushes, Roy set about designing a longer lasting and easier to fit replacement bush. The result was the POLYBUSH CLASSIC and the founding of R H Engineering in 1991. Now R H Engineering is a division of Bonaprene Products ltd, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Polyurethane Elastomers. In fact, Polybush have always been manufactured at our factory in Wrexham.

Polybush Classic


When the Polybush Classic was introduced 7 years ago Land Rover owners found it transformed their vehicles.
The superiority of Polybush Classic is due to three key benefits.

  • Ease of Fitting - thanks to its patented two piece design.

  • Long life - up to five times the life of the OE rubber bushes.

  • Firm Control - the tough, super strong Polybush means that steering and suspension movements are crisply accurate.

    Literally thousands of Land Rover, Range Rover and Discovery owners from all over the globe have benefited from fitting Polybush Classic. Moreover Polybush Classic have been proven time and time again in the tough demanding world of off road competition.

    Although Polybush Classic are less hard and much longer lasting than their rivals, we have found that some owners want to combine the long life, easy fit of Polybush Classic with the ride properties of the vehicle as manufactured.

    For these owners it is time to turn to Polybush Comfort.

  • Polybush Comfort


    A significant proportion of land Rover, Discovery and Range Rover owners wanted to combine ride comfort of the Original Equipment bushes with the long life and easy fitting of Polybush Classic. We therefore set our engineers and chemists the task of producing such bushes. The result of their efforts is the new POLYBUSH COMFORT range introduced in June 1998.

    Working closely with our raw material supplier a new grade of Polyurethane Elastomer was developed. After much research a polyurethane material that is softer and more resilient than any other offered as suspension bushes is now available exclusively from Polybush in the Comfort range. A Royal Blue color distinguishes the Comfort range from the red of Polybush Classic. The material is proving just as tough and long lasting as Polybush Classic.

    Polybush Comfort have now been on trial for two years and been put to the test in the harsh world of off road competition. To quote Alan Eland of Overlandrs 'not only do Polybush Comfort give a superb ride on the road but they have significantly improved the performance in off road competition. Suspension movements and shock absorption are markedly superior without any loss of working life'.

    Polybush Comfort will give you: - A SUPERB RIDE WHICH JUST GOES ON AND ON…………

    We can also supply Polybush Kits for almost all makes of Vehicles,

    Fed up with frequent bush replacement? We have the answers to all the problems of frequent failure in rubber bushes!

    These are the benefits that Polybush offers...

  • Does not have to depend on bonding to steel (so cannot be destroyed due to bond failure). Rig tests have shown that the polybrush has five times the life expectancy of rubber bushes.

  • Impervious to all common solvents, such as oil, grease, fuel, etc. (a common cause of failure in rubber bushes).

  • A hand tight fit requiring only a simple, inexpensive tool to fit the centre tube. This precompresses the bush into the housing, providing a high level of friction to ensure resistance to rotation.

  • Manufactured from a high grade polyurethane compound which as similar elastic properties to rubber, but with inherently superior shear strength and resistance to wear.

  •   polybush polybush
    Polybush Sets Coil Spring Models

    Full sets include Panhard Rod, (2) Front Axle, (4) Front Chassis, (2) Rear Axle, (2) Rear Chassis, (2) - Pre 86 RR, re-use existing washersand plates.

    Set 1 LR 90/110/130 to 1993 (rear drum brakes) POA POA
    Set 2 RR 86 on, all Discovery models, Defender 94 on POA POA
    Set 3 RR Pre 86 only POA POA
    Set 6 Rear S/Absorbers 90/110, Discovery, late RR, inc fixings POA POA
    Set 7 Front S/Absorbers all coil spring models POA POA
    Set 8 Rear S/Absorbers early RR (split pin fixing) POA POA
    Set 12 Discovery, 95 on fitted A/R bar rear shocks (ANR1721) POA POA
    Set 13 RR Air Suspension front S/Absorbers (ANR1721) POA POA
    Set 1q RR Air Suspension front S/Absorbers (ANR1721) POA POA
    Set 15 Steering damper bush RR, & Discovery POA POA
    Set 16 Steering damper bush LR 90/110 POA POA
      polybush polybush
    Leaf Spring Models, Sets include; Spring and Chassis Bushes
    Set 4 LR Series 11, 11A, all models S111 88* only POA POA
    Set 5 LR S111 109 only POA POA
    Set 9 LR 101 POA POA
    Set 10 LR 101 Front S/Absorbers POA POA
    Set 11 LR 101 Rear S/Absorbers POA POA
    Set 14 Front or Rear S/Absorbers S11, 11a, 111/88* S111 109* front only POA POA


    Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
    Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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