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Some very special options available on Range Rover brake & wheel upgrades

Our latest 2001 Front Disc Brake Upgrade Kits for Range Rover and Discovery
Kits for Land Rover and New Shape Range Rover currently under development

Brake pads, Vented and Tr-cam grooved Discs
& massive 6 pot callipers ( Progressive)

Intro. level.

Vented Disc upgrade,
Brake pads & more.

Disc Kit A
Top of the Range
Vented Tri-Cam Disc upgrade
'6 Pot' Superlite Calipers ,
Brake pads & much more

Disc Kit C

Kit 1 (852) £POA

Kit 3 (2501) £POA

A.P. Brake Upgrade Kits for :
Classic Range Rover & Discovery. with 4.0 and 4.6 HSE variants
available soon.

Please mail or phone us for prices.
Std. Brake parts Prices

Kit 1 (852) £POA

Vented Disc's 298mm x 24mm, high performance brake pads, brake pad retaining pins & springs, caliper spacer kit & 2 x containers AP Racing 5.1 brake fluid.
Kit 2 (653) £POA

Same component list as kit (1) but with Tricam grooved heated brake discs (shown above right) 298mm x 24mm. Its the ultimate, 'basic' brake upgrade.

Kit 3 (2501) £POA

The ultimate for heavy load towing, and High speed requirements. or just the ultimate in normal fast road 'stopping' dependability.

Tricam grooved heat treated brake discs 330mm x 32mm. AP Racing six piston road car callipers ( progressive), Genuine brake pads. 2 Steel mounting brackets for callipers. 2 Braided brake pipes & fitting. 2 Bottle Dot 5.1 AP brake fluid.

If you want the best, This one is for you!!

In the unlikely event your (Car) brake system was built before 1984, it may be that you have 'UNF' rather than 'Metric' fittings, If you unsure please check, otherwise we will assume metric.

This brake kit can not be used with an ABS system, also due to the larger 6 pot calipers and disc's they will not fit inside any wheels smaller than 17". If in doubt please ask.

Kevlar brake pads are currently unavailable, at the moment kits are supplied with genuine standard brake pads instead.

Range Rover Brake Discs and Pads
Front disc brakes (each) £ POA
Rear disc brakes (each) £ POA
Front disc pads (pair) £ POA
Rear disc pads (pair) £ POA

Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT). 
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free. 
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