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MGB V8. Power Upgrade's

MG Roadster with Weber 500
MG Roadster 4.6 conversion
RV8 Optimax Chip upgrade, (Vac pipe has been sorted)
RV8 Stage 3 Upgrade
MG Upgrade reports

MG Roadster with Weber 500
This MG Roadsteris just one of many hundreds that benefited from a top-end rebuild, Mallory ignition, and the Weber 500 Carb system.

As you can see, it has no bonnet bulge and still the Weber will fit without severe problem, giving this Roadster power and efficiency all the way from 600 to 6000 rpm even at only 3.5 litre capacity.
Forever a Classic.
MG Chrome bumber The MG Roadster

Fitting the Weber 500 is not always a problem

MG Bonnet Clearnce
Also see the results of Roger Williams' comparison with the Weber and Holley Carbs. 'here'

As you can see, some MG conversions offer very little in the way of bonnet clearance, however when you have the minimum space and the customer insists on keeping the bonnet and underfelt too, then all can still be achieved with this speecail shaped filter.

Classic MG Roadster with RPi 4.6 high torque conversion.

A Classic MG Roadster Completely rebuilt by Cox & Perry, Norfolk's premier MG Specialists. The potential of this vehicle is boundless, this Roadster was transformed into pure driving pleasure with the addition of our 4.6 high torque V8. Just look out for it in the latest edition of MG World Magazine.
Described as having Torque coming out of its wing mirrors, and overtaking is no more trouble than squeezing the throttle pedal a little harder, regardless of what gear you are in.
mg roadster
mg roadster It's always a pleasure to provide engines for such fine Automobiles.

There are no clues to the awesome power of this 4.6 engine, you don't even need to use its power, the huge 'burble' of this engine can arouse all, even when cruising the car park of Sainsburys.

MG RV8 Optimax Chip Upgrade.
mgr v8 MG RV8 Optimax Chip and filter Upgrade. mgr v8
The proud owner of this vehicle had no idea that the factory-built car could be significantly improved upon, without even opening the bonnet. Indeed, he was most amazed at the gains available with such a simple upgrade (done in minutes) Ref. MGRV8 - K 400 MGR

Customer Comments
Many thanks for your hospitality last Thursday, good to see a highly motivated group of people. Herewith my initial report on the Optimaxed RV8, nothing phenomenal but the whole transmission and car is improved, and more tractable, and pick up response is smoother with more torque at lower RPM. Progression through the gears is smoother and there is no hesitation which was manifested as a slight clunk in the final drive on pick up, initial assessment on fuel consumption is a 10% increase in mpg. I feel (and correct me if I'm wrong) that a set of flowed shortened and polished trumpets will improve the breathing, together with improving air intake to the K&N left of the radiator.
Will you kindly quote for upgrading my inlet manifold with shortened, flowed and polished trumpets, also the turn round time. MGB GT V8 (1974) I wish to maintain my cast-iron manifolds, kindly include your price to match and polish my cylinder heads to the exhaust manifolds and the inlet manifold. The engine spec remains as original with SU HIF6 Carbs. Also inform me of the turn round time for the above.

As we have said, these improvements are very addictive, I suspect we will be seeing more of this one soon.

Another MG RV8 Optimax Chip Upgrade & More.
This very low mileage MG RV8 has come to us for an Engine upgrade. Before we started, the vehicle was put on a Rolling Road and produced a shade over 184 BHP. (most struggle to get beyond 165). An Optimax chip, however, will bring them all up to 190bhp, and this vehicle is going further with the 285 camshaft and stage 3 unleaded heads. Output figures available soon.
rv8 engine optimax chip contamination

Stripping down the stock 3.9 motor reveals that in such a short life, so much is going wrong already
The Optimax Chip (to be upgraded to Tornado) is essential to get the very best from the stage 3 upgrades
Even at very low mileage the contamination on the pistons shows that the stock engine is far from efficient.
front finish front finish
All's well now. with the Stage 3 heads & Piper 285 Cam. fitted, the next stage is to go back on the rollers and with the wealth of experience from Mark Adams, this RV8 will have a dedicated Tornado Chip programmed on the rollers at Power Engineering in Uxbridge. This Filter Mod allows for better breathing and access to cooler air from the front. the stock KN filter is very restrictive and not ideally situated, as it would be drawing warmer air from the manifolds. Good when cold but a power sapper when hot.
This vehicle has been re-tested and now produces in excess of 220 bhp, and what's better, it has seemingly endless torque even at the lowest of rpm. In fact it will pull 5th gear so long as it is moving.


This article followed from our notification of the Exported MG-RV8. Having its distributor vacuum pipe connected incorrectly on all Japanese RV8 re-Imports, almost all throttle response and about 15 bhp of engine power was lost due to this. The correction, however, took 5 seconds and cost nothing. So tempting many into further upgrades (MG World April/May 1999)


Following the recent report regarding incorrect engine vacuum usage of the RV8 (MG World April/May 1999). Those V8 chaps at RPi Engineering have been delving deeper into those locked out efficiency gains inherent in the stock MG RV8.

For those owners who would like a smoother response, improved torque and economy I recommend that you contact RPi International Ltd. in Norwich, its all in there and yet again there is no need for a single spanner inside your engine.

RPi Engineering have been developing many Eprom (Chips) for all model Efi Rovers, (ie (TVR, Morgan, Range Rover, Westfield etc) and now the MG RV8. Unlike most re-chipping, their targets and goals are somewhat different. Most companies offering ECU Chipping would only seek to improve/enhance top-end performance (ie. in search of bigger BHP numbers), and because they always strive to achieve more than their rivals, this normally only means an increase in the top-end fuelling where they can claim more BHP. To anyone with any knowledge of engine fueling it is easy to see that this is indeed a poor compromise for street use. For most that strive to improve not only top end bhp but, more importantly, part throttle response and high torque load areas, 1000-4500rpm is the area that most if not all power & efficiency gains are actually derived (unless of course you are racing only).

They say the secret to correct chipping is to place each vehicle type on a rolling road and with a lap top computer, interrogate all the engine's fuel, timing & load options, not just a flat-out revs, but the complete three-dimensional fuel map. This is where all part throttle and high load driving is taken care of.

And the result

Lower possible emissions not just at idle where the MoT is tested, but throughout the rev and engine load range. Thus producing ultimate economy, efficiency and overall power with smoother power gains throughout. Installation and setting up takes around one hour. Contact Chris Crane on 01603 891209 or e mail: info@v8engines.com for prices and information. The company specializes in Rover V8 engines and has much advice to give on the RV8 including supply of associated spare parts.

Also see the results of Roger Williams comparison with the Weber and Holley Carbs. 'here'
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