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Range Rover Body Restoration

This Range Rover is not the newest of models but the pre 90s model is a fine example of how those youthful looking Range Rovers are not so tidy under the skin. But don't worry, RPi can sort it out and, what's more, the highest quality need not break the bank.

A rather tidy pre 90s 2-door Range Rover that has traveled from Denmark for our attentions.

Range Rover

Range Rover restoration. All the repairs have been completed, including replaced inner wings, repaired sill sections and repaired rear light area (amongst other things).

The black inner areas such as inner wings etc., have all been fully blasted and repainted in a tough stone-chip or body sealer. Wings, doors, tailgate and bonnet are removed to achieve best possible preparation standards.

Now it's ready to head for the Preparation Department. The covers are to keep out damp.

This is not 'Modern Art', just the many layers of previous paint coats that need to be cut through. It is not unusual to find many previous paint attempts when refurbishing these vehicles.

Note that with the rear outer panel removed the inside has already been prepared and protected.

Door repairs

rear quarters The rear wing, rear lamp cluster area required extensive repairs to both sides. It is difficult to see the repairs, but this area will now be good for many, many years.

The petrol filler area has also been fully repaired and prepared. It's this attention to detail that we afford to all our customers and their vehicles, or indeed any job we take on.

Both doors required extensive repair and preparation, especially the lower panel area. all rust has been removed even beyond the affected areas and new metal or panels have been welded in,

As you can see these doors as all other panels have been fully stripped inside and out, you'll see no masking lines on this vehicle. Also the Window frames have been removed from the doors and will be replaced with new ones.


tailgate Assume nothing, check everything. is our motto. Even Brand new panels, like this new Tailgate are in need of further preparation to meet our standards. As you can see, the edges were less than perfect and some fine attention to detail is applied.

I think we are witnessing a demand for a Pay Rise, because it looks like this poor bloke might be here all night?

And don't worry about those rusty looking wheels (they are only to 'wheel' it around on). You can see the original 'Shot Blasted' wheels already prepared, at the back of the workshop in this picture.

rear view

bonnet This was a bit of a lucky break...

...a new bonnet was going to cost about £600 (ouch), well it's Rover's prices, not ours. However, after much phoning around, we managed to find this new one at a fraction of the price of new (can your main agent do that?), and having been primed already, it will take a little longer to prepare, however it's a far better choice than re-using the existing poor condition bonnet on this vehicle.

Well, she has arrived all the way from Denmark driven in by the owner.

All front end and doors are removed to get to all the normal corrosion areas, and this rear wing looks ok although there is a dent or two to take care of.

Range Rover

rusty wings

As you can see, the tops of the wings are very corroded, these could be the only item on the inner wings needing replacement. However, due to the extent of corrosion here, and due to the fact that we really want ten years or more before this vehicle needs any more bodywork, both inner and outer wings will be fully replaced.

After initial inspection, we started to remove all exterior panels to reveal the hidden corrosion beneath, and we were not disappointed, the usual bugs had got into the inner wings, so they had to go.

rusty wing

With the inner wing rusting problems behind us, the new inner wing has been fitted. There is still some work to do to the lower/inner panel though, and that's only this side.

I can see some nice Koni Shocks and Springs though.

That V8 Doesn't look Standard Either!

range rover
This vehicle has now been finished for some time. The Owner took it back to Denmark and is extremely pleased with its new lease of life, power and efficiency. The problem we have is that all the remaining pictures are on Video, and until we can figure out how best to put them up, this is where we have to stop for the moment. However, I am sure you can see that we offer only the best of rebuilds available.
Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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