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M.O.D. engines for sale as new spec, run tested for 1 hour.
Please note this is an old projects page, we no longer have these engines available however we do have brand new engines in stock.

This Range Rover didn't have the opportunity to have a full RPi spec. engine, however fitting an MoD rebuilt engine turned out to be the next best thing and (while stocks last) it was all done at a fraction of the normal price.

new engine please tired engine alternator
1991 Range Rover in serious need of an engine. It doesn't show, but this unit is completely knackered! A complete engine with Carbs and everything (well almost!)
manifold oil pump pulley
The original manifolds had to be refitted. The upturned filter will fit but runs perilously close to the steering box, so we opted for fitting a new conventional one. With the bottom pulley changed to original, the power steering pump & alternator were also fitted and the job... finished.

Below left A Rather Poor Picture of a superbly rebuilt engine.
Complete with Clutch, Water pump. Front timing cover, Oil pump and provision for Oil Cooler, Pulleys, New Distributor, Rebuilt Carbs, Sump, Rocker Covers Breathers, Plugs, Leads, Viscos, Fan.
rebuilt mod engine mod head
As we did not build them, we thought we should strip a few just to check on the standard, and it's plain to see that these engines have been built and tested with 'money no object'. They are built to provide reliability without doubt, and at £850 each, the parts alone fitted to these engines would surely cost more? (very low stocks now).

block remove carb viscous coupling new carbs oil pump
New block, pistons, cam & tappets. Remove intake manifold, new rockers/shafts. New viscous coupling & water pump. New Stomberg/ Zenith carbs. New oil pump base and remote cooler outlets.

Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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