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1981 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

A Truly magnificent late date 1980s Classic Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. Presented here in an extraordinary Silver Green colour. with scrumptious brown leather trim

Whether your looking for something classy to drive around in, a wedding, hire car or indeed something special for the collector of Neo-Classic Vintage vehicles, you are sure to love this car.
The car is impressive in its condition considering its age inside and out. It's not perfect, but for a vehicle of this age it truly is in lovely condition. And a moreover, a delight to drive.

This classic 1981 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit is Taxed until 31st of January 2012 and MOT'ed ready to drive away. We see no general overall problems with this vehicle. Mechanically the vehicle drives well with no transmission or engine defects, noises, taps or whines.

The original 6.75 litre engine remains untouched with only 120200 genuine miles and is currently in daily use. With stunning performance and good economy too especially if LPG converted by us upon supply (additional cost applies).

This then is truly a very unique Rolls Royce in stunning genuine condition for its age with a level of outstanding luxury and presence found only with Rolls Royce Cars. Lots of fun to drive and also a big income winner for weddings etc.

Interested in this vehicle contact us on info@v8engines.com


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