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New Oil Pump Base & Flowtech Remote

Oil Pump Base, an essential part of any engine rebuild (pre-serpentine models).

Why It's best to fit a new one. (Standard fitment with all RPi engines)

Upon inspection of so many failed and worn out V8 engines in the past 15 years, we have continuously encountered two serious weaknesses in the design relating directly to the mechanical reliability and oil pressure.

The standard oil pump base (see below) houses the pressure relief valve/spring which is no more than a piston shaped valve designed to be forced against the bypass spring, uncovering the return port and allowing excessive oil pressure to fully bypass the lubrication system and return directly to the sump when excessive oil pressure is generated (normally at very high revs and/or when the engine oil is coolest).

Just fitting a new spring and valve, (especially with the higher pressure spring,) makes them prone to Jamming in the 'full-open' (bypass) position, causing possible complete engine failure.
The reason for this is the majority of wear and scoring will not be found on the valve (the cheap bit) but in the actual cylinder of the 'base plate' itself. It is not possible to recondition this part of the base plate, so the alternative must be a complete replacement with a new base plate as supplied with all std. spec. RPi engines.

Until recently The only way to obtain a new pump base was through Rover, and they cost £££'s, so you can understand why most have chosen the cheaper route in the belief that a high pressure valve and spring will actually increase oil pressure. This does not happen, but you do get an increased risk of engine failure. So the price of a new pump base may be the better solution.

We can now supply these £POA

oil pump bases
We also have Tadpole type relief valves (Oil pump base) as shown in this picture for the same price (exchange).

Complete cover (Serpentine + GEms models)

The later V8 engines from Rover (1993 on) used a different front timing cover and the oil pump is 'direct drive' from the crank. This later engine is generally described as the Serpentine type. Basically this means the front-end pulleys are not driven by the std. V-belt type fan belt, but a flat 2cm wide- grooved belt. After that came Gems type (ie. no distributor).

If your engine is this type, then the oil pump is not replaceable.
Serpentine type timing cover A new Serpentine front timing cover & oil pump (£POA)

For the later V8 (1993 and newer) please note there are 3 different versions of this, so we will need to be sure which one yours is. This one, as you can see, has the hole for the distributor, os is 'Non Gems', but that leaves 2 variations. Although I don't have a picture, the difference is between the type of cover on the oil pump itself (held with the 9 Allen screws).

Flowtech remote oil filter kit with new base.

Flotech Oil Cooer Kit.
The Flotech oil remote kit is the ideal solution for those wishing to add an oil cooler into the system with limited space, also, it enables the use of the best possible oil pump base. £POA full set as illustrated.

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Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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