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Pacet Cooling Fans
pacet fan 12/24V DC Cooling Fans as Original Equipment and for the Aftermarket
Fan Kits & Assemblies Thinline kits
Thinline FMS assemblies
Profan FMS assemblies
High profile kits
High profile FMS assemblies
Twin club kits
Towfan kits
Vehicle Specifications
12/24V DC Cooling Fans as Original Equipment and for the Aftermarket

World class electric cooling fans Pacet Clovafans have always had the industry's recognition for their performance, continual development and innovation. In pursuit of better products we are proud of the latest development program which commenced in 1986 with an ongoing investment, which so far has cost 4 million, to produce cooling products for the International OEM and aftermarket industry.

Starting with a totally new motor design for 12 and 24 volt, the demanding brief was to manufacture a reliable, quiet, water resistant and compact motor of exceptional power, high torque and flexibility to standards exceeding current and known future OEM requirements. All rotating components are balanced, they have twin precision bearings, energy efficient, low amperage usage, and made from the best materials for long life. As the results exceed the terms of the required standards, all these new motors have a 2-year guarantee in normal installations.

Each motor is tested and checked at every stage of manufacture and finally test run as a finished product. The motors are then 'matched' to an entirely new range of fans which are of computer aided designs (CAD). These designs feature future trends and industry requirements. These all new products are to be known by the initials TCF (Thinline Clovafans) and HPC (High Profile Clovafans). There are currently six sizes, 9", 10", 11 ", 12", 14" and 16' all using 10-bladed, low profile, computer balanced fan blades. HPC is available in 10" and 12".

Each size has a tailored, high performance mounting shroud and integral finger protection. This latter feature being a logical safety and health guard, and a sure future requirement for all moving vehicles and stationary installations. DuPont's Minion material is used to produce the mouldings which have a large percentage content of mineral material to give exceptional dimensional stability and stiffness properties.

The performance has been carefully monitored during the research stages and regular back up development is carried out in the fully computer-controlled wind tunnel and dynamometer research and engineering department. The computer programmed torque speed monitor is part of the perfect match system of testing motors and fans to provide accurate performance results and graphs. Industry standards, durability and destruction tests are part of the continual checking and rechecking of all components.

The results are available for all models over a range of static pressures at SAE Standard voltages. Mounting is via slide-on flush mounts at 90°, or threaded mounts (5mm). A new, improved development of the well-known quickmount is provided which is called the tiemount. Because of high CFM (cubic feet/minute) of air movement provided by the new range of TCF and HPC, they can be used as sole primary (puller) behind the radiator and auxiliary (pusher) in front of radiator cooling for cars, trucks, vans and many industrial installations. See Specification Sheet. As a specialist company catering for the highly specialised and important needs of the industry, we are committed to a continual program of technical and innovative improvements to help you provide your customers with the best cooling aids available.

When you have spent many hundreds of pounds, rebuilding your engine, overheating and engine failure would be very disappointing.
PACET 12" x 10" twin œPOA
PACET 14" single œPOA
PACET 16" single œPOA

Fan Kits & assemblies thinline kits

The essence of the Thinline Kit is the selection of quality component parts and the use of dedicated Puller or Blower blades which maximise airflow. Pacet have chosen a modern, well engineered motor with a smooth performance, low amperage consumption and a long life. Kits come complete with fan - motor - shroud unit, capillary thermostat, tie mounts, flush mounts and wiring harness.

Thinline FMS assemblies

Pre-assembled fan - motor - shroud units for a very wide range of applications where space is an issue. Suitable for -30° C transport refrigeration, air conditioning, hydraulic systems, radiator and automatic transmission cooling, off-road vehicles, classic cars, coaches, and motorhomes. The units are assembled with four 90° lugs. Rim depths range from 30mm to 35mm for easy location.

Profan FMS assemblies

Profan assemblies are designed to maximise the fan’s potential performance and are therefore fitted with the most powerful motor compatible with blade size and type. The units are supplied with 90 degree mounts and threaded mounts providing a choice of fixing and operational control. Profans are either dedicated Pullers or Blowers, all the other Pacet components , i.e. quickmounts, thermostats, brackets etc. are interchangeable. We recommend the use of Profans when large volumes of air need to be moved.

High profile kits

Fan sizes of 10", 11" and 12" with an outer rim of 56mm, gives maximum performance for any given diameter. High outputs, particularly with the 11" and 12" units, are achieved through the HO 12V and 24V motors. The units are mounted with the help of a metal angle piece attached to the shroud and 5mm inserts.

High profile FMS assemblies

These units are preassembled fan - motor - shroud units for a wide range of applications where high performance is essential, i.e. for the use in banks of two, four or six units to cool buses, coaches, race cars, stationery engines and glider winches. The range is also suitable for use in standard and off-road vehicles and refrigeration. The assemblies are supplied with metal angle brackets and screws CLUB KITS - PACET’s popular universal Club Kit range from 8" to 16" blade diameter. Each kit consists of a pre-assembled fan, motor and shroud unit with integral finger guard, adjustable capillary thermostat, wiring and quickmounts, in fact all you need to make fitting quick and easy. The fan blade is supplied as a Puller but it can be quickly reversed into a Blower to fit in front of the radiator.

Club FMS assemblies

As an alternative to our Club Kit we can supply the fan - motor - shroud pre-assembled unit with four 90 degree mounting lugs only. Accessories such as the thermostat or quickmounts can be purchased separately as required.

Twin club kits

For a wide range of applications, particularly off-road and 4x4 vehicles, the Twin Club Kits have a matching pair of preassembled fan, motor and shroud units, a capillary thermostat, illuminated rocker override switch for the second fan, plus all wiring , connectors, fuses and fixings to complete the kit. For competition or off-road usage the 10", 12", 14" and 16" fans can be fitted using the Twin Fan Bracket Kits as shown in the price list at an additional cost. Twin fans offer maximum coverage of the radiator area, together with the performance and flexibility necessary for mixed driving conditions such as gentle roads, towing wide varieties of weights, off-road, competition, green laneing etc.

Towfan kits

These are the first ever purpose packaged fan kits for motorists who need auxiliary cooling fans which are simple to install. The kits are ideal for towing or when heavy demands are placed on the engine cooling system. Sizes range from 10" to 16" with reversible blades which are supplied as Pullers but which can easily be converted to Blowers. The fans have either five, six or ten blades for a good balance of amp draw, noise and performance. Low amp draw minimises the impact of the electric current on other components. The kit contains quickmounts, illuminated rocker override switch, wiring and relay. The popular 10" and 12" kits are packaged in display blister packs. In deciding on the correct size of auxiliary fan, consideration should be given to whether the towing vehicle is automatic, has air-conditioning, and to the total weight to be towed or carried.

Vehicle Specifications
Vehicle Model Year Fan Size
DISCOVERY TURBO D 1989 onwards 2 x 12" or 1x 14"
PETROL 1989 onwards 16"
LAND ROVER 90 2.25 4-CYL 1983 to 1985 2 x10" or 1x 14" or 1x 16"
2.25 D 1983 to 1984 2 x 12"
2.5 4-CYL 1985 onwards 14" or 16"
2.5 D 1983 onwards 2 x 12" or 1x 14"
2.5 TURBO D 1986 onwards 2 x 11" or 1x 14" or 1606
3.5 V8 1985 onwards 2 x 12"
LAND ROVER S1   1954-57 16"
2.25   16"
2.25L 1958 to 1961 16"
2.6 L   16"
LAND ROVER S2A 2.25L 1961 to 1971 16"
2.6L 1961 to 1971 16"
LAND ROVER S3 2.25 4-CYL 1971 to 1985 16"
2.25 4-CYL D 1971 to 1985 16"
2.6L 6-CYL 1971 to 1980 16"
3.5 V8 1980 to 1983 2 x 12" or 1x 14"
LAND ROVER 110 2.25 4-CYL 1983 to 1985 2 x 12" or 1x 14" or 1x 16"
2.25 D 1983 to 1984 2 x 12" or 1x 14" or 1606
2.5 4-CYL 1985 onwards 14" or 16"
2.5 D 1983 onwards 2 x 12" or 1x 14" or 1606
2.5 TURBO D 1986 onwards 2 x 12" or 1606
3.5 V8 1983 onwards 2 x 12" or 1x 14" or 1606
RANGE ROVER 2.4 TURBO D 1986 onwards 14"
3.5 V8 1970 to 1986 2 x 12" or 1x 16"
3.5 V8 A/C 1970 to 1986 2 x 12" or 1x 16"
3.9 V8 & AUTO 1979 onwards 2 x 12" or 1x 16"

Use the 'Fan Size' above to find the Part Number according to the type of fan required.

Fan size Club Reversible Thinline Puller Thinline Blower
14" CF88 TCF1410P TCF1410B
16" CF99 TCF1610P
2 x 10" CF555 TCF1010P TCF1010B
2 x 12" CF777 TCF1212P TCF1212B
2 x 14" CF888 TCF1414P TCF1414B

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Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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