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The Billing 2002 Show

As you can see, it was that 'Billing' time again.
As always, the 3 days of the Billing show brought together many thousands of Land Rover enthusiasts from all over the world, and the Spirit of Billing lives again until next year.

The Show must go on.

As usual we took a very wide range of our V8 products & vehicles, many you can see below. In addition to this, we had over 40 engines on view including 5.0 and 5.3 Litre variants, and 3 further static displays including a 4.0 engine complete and running in our test bed, also a very stunning (exploded view) V8 engine.

engines on our stand engine fired up on test bed

Here we have just a few engines 4.0 and 4.6 short and long. Also our unique engine stand.

One of our Engineers firing up the 4.0 Gems engine that was on the test bed. We test 1 in 5 engines, for batch quality control.

 exploded view engine

centre of engine 
rockers in rocker covers 
The exploded view engine that we had on display at the show. The background has been taken away here so that the engine can be seen more clearly.

Rockers under the rocker cover, and the push rods etc, that can be seen a lot more easily.

Some of the vehicles we had on display this year at Billing

Land Rover 110's
Newer shape Range Rovers

Our Ex-MoD Land Rover 3500 & Land Rover 4.6 Auto, converted and used by us.

Our Range Rover 4.0 HSE & my own 5.2 now being fitted with LPG (sequential) Direct Injection & 550 mile range.

Steve Greens MK1 Cortina RPi restored SD1 4.6V8
Once again we were very proud to include Steve Green's Drag Racing 4.5 Litre V8 (0- 60 mph in 1.5 seconds).

This rather special Norwegian SD1 Vitesse has been fully restored by us, and is powered by our Stage 3 4.6 V8.

Tims 5.2 Rpi Power Off road Rally
The 5.2 (RPi) power plant of Tim Phelps' very successful off-road racer.

Not only is this one of the fastest in its class, Tim Phelps is also one of the best drivers,

Austins Classic 4.6 Rpi V8 powered

This 1972 Range Rover is a wonderful example of how they can look if restored properly. This one is also going to be LPG converted at RPi by the customer. Soon to have his own page, watch this space.

The True Spirit of Billing

The Spirit of Billing entertainment everywhere
Mobile pub garden anyone?

This was just one of the many entertainments.

toy landrovers breakfast
Something for everyone.

'Please can we have some more!'

101 foreward control Very long Landy
A Purple 101 that looks very capable indeed!
And just how long, is long enough

I would like to extend my warmest appreciation (in addition to all of those that visited the RPi Stand) to the following people, without whom this year's show would not have been the complete success that it was yet again.

Tim Phelps. for bringing his class winning 5.2 off road racer
Steve Green. for bringing in his Rover V8 powered drag racer.
Austin Beeching-Smith. for bringing in his classic 4.6 restored MK1 Range Rover
Tim Mudd. 'John Wolf Racing' for his/their support and attendance
Tim Henderson 'PTP.' for his help with the static engine displays
Norman Philips & Ivan lucas from Autogas Worldwide for there attendance
Mike Rodgers for his assistance with the stand & displays over the 3 days
Anarin Crane for the excellent catering over the 3 days, and all the RPi Engineering Staff who attended as well as assisted in all the preperation and dismantling of the stand.

Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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