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2002 Styling plus color coding..

Rp1 5.2 V8 Latest updates to our own Range Rover 5.2 V8 (purchased as just a basic '96, 4.0).


Full color coding of bumpers, arches, side mouldings, mirrors & sills. The front, rear and side indicators have also been replaced.
With the addition of 18 inch alloys and Koni suspension, it not only looks good, but it handles like a dream too.

Previous updates have been: '500 mile range' LPG conversion, Stainless Steel twin rear pipe exhaust system, Gems engine management re-mapping, Sat-Nav system, & more. Recently some higher quality sounds have been fitted, next we will remove the cats.
You can see it all here 'Click'.

Front indicators and coded bumper, headlamps are original, but upgrade to newer style is available.

Front indicator and coded bumpers
Rear indicators and side lamps. With color-coded bumper and side moulding.

Coded bumper and moulding & new rear lenses

2000 model styling for your 1995-1999 Range Rover.
Front and rear lenses plus side repeaters all new & updated to the latest style 'new' parts only or with headlamps œPOA
We can color code all parts as shown œPOA and if you have futher blemishes, scrapes or indentations that need taking care of, we can fix those too.

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Our dual-fuel LPG conversions, Koni suspension, Cat & non-cat stainless steel performance exhausts, Gems engine management & re-chipping, High torque & increased efficiency engine upgrades and much more.Existing HSE pages 'Click here'

Prices do not include local EU.Tax.(VAT).
Prices & stock are subject to change without notice. Information and advice, as always, is free.

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