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Intake manifold
Dual Plane intake
Shown here is the Dual Plane intake which is often too tall for 2-wd models, so normally supplied to 4-wd conversion only. The advantage in design is that it offers great torque and bhp gains as would be expected when combined with the Weber Carb upgrade, and it has the best ability for high revving, higher performance engines for low-end idle. Emissions are normally improved, but the dual port manifold [below] does it even better.
Dual Port intake
The Dual Port manifold is designed to be considerably lower than the Dual Plane, (detailed above) so is supplied mostly for 2-wd drive V8 applications. By design, it splits each intake port into 2, the upper section only supplying fuel at lower throttle settings, and the lower section supplying additional fuel when higher performance is required. With this intake you can expect superb part throttle economy & torque as well as superior top-end performance.

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